Counter Culture - Coffee Beans

Counter Culture - Coffee Beans

Brand - Counter Culture
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Quick Description

Premium specialty coffee blends since 1995. Counter Culture seeks coffee perfection with its unique and diverse range of blends, embodying sustainability.

Key Information

  • Organic
  • Sustainable
  • Transparent
  • Promoting opportunities for farmers to grow
  • Kosher

Product Overview

Counter Culture Coffee brings you over 25 years of experience, seeking perfection for an inspiring and reimagined cup of coffee. At the core of Counter Culture Coffee’s ethos is environmental, social, and fiscal sustainability. Counter Culture’s team aims to inspire others through the deep passion for coffee that is shared by our farming cooperatives.

Counter Culture Coffee wishes to achieve full transparency by offering open access information of sustainability reports, purchasing partners, seed programs, and the whole supply chain. Achieving sustainably produced coffee is a massive faultline in the coffee harvesting industry and Counter Culture Coffee vows to help tackle this worldwide shortfall by promising best practices and promoting education around direct trade.

Fast Forward Coffee Beans

Counter Culture Coffee’s dynamic Fast Forward blend alters and changes with the season so that you can enjoy the richest and freshest coffee all year round. Change aside, the Fast Forward blend promises to always offer the richness, and nutty sweetness that this blend exemplifies. This light, nutty-sweet blend takes the unique approach to follow the seasons and only uses beans that are in season with a commitment to Counter Culture Coffee’s roots in sustainability. Counter Culture sources beans from certified-organic farms in Central and South America. This promotes community support for those who farm our unique blend of Golondrina and Colombia beans.

Forty-Six Coffee Beans

Forty-six offers everything you desire in a dark roast giving you the full-bodied cup of coffee with dark chocolate and smokey notes. This stylish and clean blend offers the perfect balance of sweet harmony. This carefully chosen blend has been transformed into a divine recipe through years of practice to achieve the maximized sweetness and complexity of a dark roast. This blend is composed of 40% Los Santos, Peru / 40% Dararo Natural, Ethiopia / 20% Jabanto, Ethiopia origin.

Big Trouble Coffee Beans

Big Trouble delivers everything you need for that sweet caramel, chocolatey, nutty coffee whilst still maintaining smoothness to the taste. This blend is extremely versatile, so use this in any style of brew. This pairs very well with a smooth silky milk alternative. Counter Culture Coffee seeks to update the blend all year round following the course of nature to bring you the freshest in-season blends. Big Trouble contains a balayage of 50% Incahuasi, Peru / 25% Urcunina, Colombia / 25% Los Santos, Peru origin beans.

Hologram Coffee Beans

Hologram is one of the most multidimensional year-round coffee’s Counter Culture offers. This fine coffee combines ripe fruitiness with bold milk chocolatey notes. This smooth yet complex blend reflects the hard work that has been put into sourcing the perfect blend. The name Hologram was chosen as a term used to describe an incomplex two-dimensional surface that transforms into complex three-dimensional images. This coffee blend reflects the same, how a few chosen coffee blends added together can create something rich and complex. This blend is best suited for someone ready to embrace the fruitness and complexity of this coffee blend. Made with 50% Toldopamba, Colombia / 20% Aricha, Ethiopia / 20% Dararo, Ethiopia / 10% Muda, Ethiopia beans.

What goes into Counter Cultures Coffee blends?

Counter Culture follows the seasons, constantly updating the blends to bring you the freshest, most exquisite cup of coffee.

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