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Chocolate Collection

Chocolate Collection

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Quick Description

Where would we be without chocolate? Lost, most probably. This chocolate gift box is of the utmost indulgence… Spoil yourself or your loved ones with all the tastiest vegan chocolate you could need.

What’s Included?


You’ve just come home from a hard day’s work and all you want to do in this world is relax. You stretch out in front of the telly, what’s missing? A luxurious treasure trove of vegan chocolates for you to dive into and devour! 

Here at Plantx, we believe that treating yourself can be done in an ethical and sustainable way. How amazing it is that we can spoil ourselves with copious chocolate completely guilt-free. 

Firmly of the opinion that vegan foodie delights are JUST as delicious as their non-vegan counterparts, we have proudly put together a chocolate gift box that expresses the ultimate love and care, whether that be for yourself or someone else. 

Containing a huge range of unbelievably yummy chocolate goodies, this chocolate gift box is a brilliant thing to keep in the arsenal for when times get tough, or just for celebrating the amazing joy of tasty vegan choccies!


This gift box really is an ode to chocolate in all its forms. We’ve got Hu and Lakanto’s liquid drinking chocolate, hard bars like Jojo’s and Dr Bronner’s for you to crunch your teeth into with reckless abandon, and pretty much everything in between. 

If you fancy sharing your chocolate around, there are some products in there perfect for a group to tuck into together, such as Unreal’s peanut butter cups. Equally, there are plenty of chocolate gifts in the box which may be best saved for when you’re wanting some quality time with yourself. Think of them as self-care chocolates!

Although you may scoff some of the vegan chocolates straight away (and power to you) we’ve also had longevity in mind with this gift box. Included is 88 Acres’s sumptuous jar of chocolate for you to chip away at over time, so you’ll never be without the stuff!

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Chocolate Collection
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