California Olive Ranch - Avocado Oil Blend, 25.4oz

California Olive Ranch - Avocado Oil Blend, 25.4oz

Brand - California Olive Ranch
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Quick Description

California Olive Ranch Avocado Oil Blend is a buttery, subtly fruity blend of avocado and olive oils, with a high smoke point ideal for high-heat cooking.

Key Information

  • 50% olive oil, 50% avocado oil
  • 425°F smoke point
  • Non-GMO
  • Good source of fat
  • Whole30-compliant, Kosher, Certified Paleo and Keto, 

Product Overview

The balanced combination of avocado and extra virgin olive oil gives this gourmet oil a buttery texture and moderately fruity flavor that can be used in many recipes.

The subtle hint of olive oil works well with vegetable dishes. Use this on salad dressings, when sauteing vegetables, or when roasting garlic. This may be poured directly onto food when a little bit of flavor is desired. It will do magic for the taste of herbed butter or pasta!

With a high smoke point at 425°F, this may also be used for high-heat cooking such as deep-frying, baking and roasting without tasting burnt or bitter. 

High in healthy fat, this Vegan oil is ideal for anyone on a keto diet. This oil is also Whole30-compliant, kosher, and certified paleo.


50% Avocado Oil, 50% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Will frying with this oil change the taste of my food?

This blend has a mild fruity profile due to the presence of olive oil, but the intensity is significantly less than regular olive oil because it has been blended with avocado oil. Breaded or battered ingredients might absorb some of this flavor, but it tastes wonderful and is not overpowering.

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