Bokisch Andrus Island Albariño 2020

Bokisch Andrus Island Albariño 2020

Brand - Bokisch Vineyards
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Quick Description


Acid:               〚racy〛                 

Alcohol:         〚12.4%〛

Body:              〚medium〛             

Fruit:               〚tropical, ripe〛



Picked at just over 21 brix winemaker Elyse Perry did a slow cold fermentation on the wine to preserve the fresh fruit aromatics. It was then aged for 5 months in stainless steel. This wine features aromas of citrus, grapefruit, and pineapple that give you a preview of the flavors to come. Layered notes of grapefruit soda, Granny Smith apple, and cherry blossom lead into a long acidic finish. 

Bokisch Vineyards was interested in seeing how Albariño would fare in the California Delta and, in our opinion, a perfect match was found. The Gomes’ Andrus Island Albariño is reminiscent of the wines made along Iberia’s Atlantic Coast. The vineyard is nestled up against the Georgiana Slough levee. On one side of the level are lush, wispy vines. On the other side is the Delta’s fresh water, on its way to the California Aqueduct. The ancient fig trees, planted by Chinese immigrants, which now adorn the levee, infused the air with the smells of Summer.


Winemaker Elyse Perry is currently based in California.

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