Beanfields - Fiery Hot Bean Chips, 5.5oz

Beanfields - Fiery Hot Bean Chips, 5.5oz
Beanfields - Fiery Hot Bean Chips, 5.5oz - back
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Beanfields - Fiery Hot Bean Chips, 5.5oz

Brand - Beanfields
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Quick Description

Beanfields Fiery Hot Bean Chips are the perfect snack for heatseekers: packed with flavor, irresistibly hot and crunchy, and good for you.

Key Information

  • Flavorful fiery hot bean chips
  • Low fat and packed with protein and fiber
  • Gluten-free and allergy-friendly
  • Non-GMO and Kosher

Product Overview

Have you been looking for that deliciously addictive heat, irresistible crunch, and intense flavor, but without the guilt? Look no further.

Beanfields Fiery Hot Bean Chips are the perfect snack for health-conscious heatseekers. They are full of flavor and amazingly hot. They are the ideal healthy snack to have at any time of the day. They are great on their own or paired with your favorite creamy dip.

These Bean Chips are made with incredibly nutritious navy beans. They contain half as much fat as your usual chips, and they are packed with protein and fiber. Finally, a healthy vegan snack that doesn’t compromise on taste!

And if you’re worried about the planet, you will be glad to know that beans are one of the most sustainable crops. Their production uses less water than other ingredients like corn. Beans also require little to no fertilizer to grow, keeping the soil healthy.


Navy beans, brown rice, safflower or sunflower oil, seasoning blend (tapioca starch, salt, cane sugar, contains 2% or less of spices, onion powder, tomato powder, red chili pepper, paprika extract for color, garlic powder, vegan-source lactic acid powder, natural vegan flavors, citric acid, yeast extract).

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Beanfields Fiery Hot Bean Chips allergy-friendly?

Beanfields don’t use any of the ingredients the FDA recognizes as top food allergens. So Beanfields Fiery Hot Bean Chips do not contain any milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, soy, or wheat. Beanfields also don’t use mustard, sesame, or sulfites. So yes, their chips are allergy-friendly and everyone can enjoy them!

Where are Beanfields Fiery Hot Bean Chips made?

Beanfields Hot Bean Chips are made in the USA, and all its ingredients are grown here, too. This keeps their carbon footprint as low as possible, which is better for the planet. Beanfields are also big on ensuring they have a strong and consistent supply chain. They have great relationships with farmers who have been with them since the beginning.

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