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Asante - Plant-Based Pastor, 12.3oz


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Asante - Plant-Based Pastor, 12.3oz

Brand - Asante
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Quick Description

Ashante mademoiselle! Have you heard of Asante’s Plant-Based Pastor? It’s a pack of juicy and tasty filets that are free from pork and soy!

Key Information

  • Pork-free protein filets
  • Seasoned and tasty pastor
  • Authentic, Mexican flavors
  • Easy to prepare
  • Ready in one minute!
  • 48g of protein per pack

Product Overview

What’s pastor? No, we’re not talking about the leader of a religious congregation. Pastor is actually a traditional Mexican dish that’s usually made with pork. Asante’s Pastor, however, is totally plant-based.

Like most traditional dishes, the thing that makes it unique is the flavors. Asante’s Plant-Based Pastor has authentic taste and is seasoned to perfection. There’s really not much else to do when you have a pack ready to go. It’s very easy to prepare and is ready in just a minute!

The protein itself is juicy and tender - just like the real thing! Speaking of protein, there are 48 grams of protein a pack!

How do you serve Asante’s Pastor? Wrap it with some pita and top it with some grilled pineapples. This Pastor also makes some great tacos!


Sauce (water, dried pepper mix, orange juice, onions, apple cider vinegar, pineapple, cilantro, annatto seed powder, corn oil, garlic, salt, lime juice, black pepper. cumin, cinnamon, cloves, oregano)
Asante protein mix (wheat gluten, pea protein, corn oil, potato flour, amaranth flour, nopal flour, bamboo fiber, sat)

Frequently Asked Questions 

What’s in a pack of Asante’s Plant-Based Pastor? Is it just the filets?

Nope, there’s more than just filets. Every pack of Asante’s Pastor contains, well, the pastor itself and some lovely sauce! These pastor filets come marinated in a deliciously rich sauce that’s made from fresh and organic ingredients.

Client Reviews

Asante - Plant-Based Pastor, 12.3oz
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