Anima Mundi - Reishi Powder: Fountain of Youth, 4oz

Anima Mundi - Reishi Powder: Fountain of Youth, 4oz

Brand - Anima Mundi
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Quick Description

Fountain of Youth Reishi Powder by Anima Mundi is organically grown to retain high potency and handcrafted by clinical Herbalists in Brooklyn, NY. 

Key Information 

  • Organic
  • Handmade by clinical herbalists
  • Non-GMO
  • FairTrade
  • High Potency

Product Overview

This Activated Reishi Powder: Fountain of Youth by Amina Mundi is a high potency botanical powder made from organic Funghi and Mycelium. 

Used in native medicine, this edible fungus is harvested by local farmers using fair trade practices and harnessed for its healing and medicinal properties. Amina Mundi’s Reishi powder is designed to boost your immune system and is known for its potential anti-inflammatory properties.

This Reishi Powder is handcrafted by clinical herbalists in Brooklyn, New York and packaged in a reusable glass jar to keep it fresh and easy to store. We recommend adding half a teaspoon to your hot drink in the morning or mixing it into nourishing meals like warm soups and stews. 

If you are looking for a natural herbal product to enhance your well-being, this is a great place to start! It’s easy to use and had a raw earth taste that goes will hot drinks like cocoa and herbal teas.


Activated reishi mushroom powder (fungi parts and mycelium)

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Anima Mundi?

Amina Mundi is a healing herbal product brand born in Brooklyn, New York. It draws inspiration from healing medicines and techniques from Ayurveda, Daoist-Chinese Medicine, and from Rainforest Tribal Herbalism. All of its products are made responsibly by clinical herbalists using ingredients found only in nature and combining them to make medicinal botanical formulas.

Nutrition Facts
Serving Size 1/2 Tsp (1.0g)
Servings Per Container 113
Amount Per Serving
Reishi Mushroom (Ganoderma Lucidum)

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