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Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese

Introducing the fiery, spicy cousin of the vegan Monterey Jack cheese – the vegan Pepper Jack cheese. This semi-hard, creamy cheese is enriched with the warming flavors of a variety of hot peppers and robust herbs. The wonderful contrast of heat and smoothness adds an appetizing flavor and texture to a wide variety of cuisines. Read more

The Uncreamery - Ghost Pepper Jack, 8oz

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What is Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese?

It is exactly what it says on the tin – an entirely plant-based version of an American favorite, the Pepper Jack Cheese.

Pepper Jack cheese is a delicious variant of the classic Monterey Jack cheese, which originates from California. Monterey Jack was created by Mexican Franciscan friars in, you guessed it, Monterey, California. Creamy, semi-hard, and mild in flavor, Monterey Jack cheese is a great melter and works well in a host of different dishes. 

What could be better than Monterey Jack cheese, we hear you ask? Well if you marry the mild, slightly sweet flavor of Monterey Jack cheese with a big, bold blend of herbs and, of course, peppers, you get that fierce firecracker of a cheese.

It is a wonderful plant-based alternative to Pepper Jack cheese, which contains absolutely no dairy. So you’ll never have to miss out on this fiery fromage, ever again. 

What Makes Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Suitable for Vegans? 

Like many other kinds of vegan cheese, vegan Pepper Jack cheese is typically made from a nut, soy, or coconut base. A popular choice of nut for Pepper Jack vegan cheese is the cashew nut. 

Most plant-based cheeses start out the same way. The chosen main ingredient is blended with water to make a smooth paste. The mixture is then flavored with nutritional yeast and other flavorings such as salt and garlic powder and then set with agar agar or pectin. 

To turn the basic plant-based cheese into a mouth-watering vegan cheese, a blend of sweet peppers and herbs is mixed into the paste. For a little extra kick, some vegan Pepper Jack cheese brands also add spicy jalapeno and habanero chilis to the mix. 

Not only is the cheese base made from a plant source, but all of the additional flavorings are also plant-based. So, vegans can enjoy plant-based Pepper Jack cheese with full confidence that it’s free from any animal products. In fact, vegans and non-vegans alike will be able to enjoy the delicious creaminess of vegan cheese – we think you’ll be hard-pressed to taste the difference. 

Ways to Use Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese

Now that you’re tempted to pop some vegan Pepper Jack goodness in your grocery basket, you may be looking for some inspiration for some great ways to use it. If so, keep reading as we share some of our favorite uses for Pepper Jack vegan cheese. 

The slightly peppery taste of this vegan cheese is an awesome addition to many dishes but especially lends itself to Mexican and Spanish cuisine. Once the initial spiciness has ebbed away, your mouth is left with the warm, buttery taste of the cheese itself. This unique sensation is ideal for adding richness to your cooking, melting into a grilled sandwich, or simply topping some crackers. 

Mexican Tortilla Lasagna

Our Mexican spin on a classic Italian dish is sure to be a hit at your dinner table! Layers of tortilla wraps are punctuated with a hearty cauliflower, bean, and tomato filling to make an irresistible family meal. For an extra kick, switch out the vegan cheddar cheese for some shredded vegan Pepper Jack cheese – you can thank us later! 

Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs

Our Lentil Carrot and Veggie Hot Dogs are quick and easy to make and dare we say, simply scrumptious to boot. For a fiery twist, you can try adding a smattering of vegan Pepper Jack cheese. What could be better than a vegan hot dog? 

How about a vegan chili cheese dog?! That’s right… you can have your hot dog and, well, eat it! Make up a batch of our nutritious and delicious Black Bean Chili and use some to top your vegan hot dog. Whilst the chili is still piping hot, scatter a handful of plant-based Pepper Jack cheese for the ultimate vegan chili cheese dog. 

Top Brands to Try

If you’re raring to try some spicy, tangy cheese, then why not check out a few of our best vegan Pepper Jack cheese brands, here at PlantX? 

The Uncreamery - Ghost Pepper Jack

The authentic nutty, smoky flavor of Pepper Jack cheese is captured perfectly in this Ghost Pepper Jack almond cheese by The Uncreamery. Made from an expert blend of almond nuts and chili, every perfectly creamy bite contains just the right hint of heat. Best of all, it’s dairy, gluten and soy free.

Follow Your Heart – Dairy-Free Cheese Slices

Follow Your Heart’s Dairy-Free Cheese Slices come in a huge variety of favorite American cheese flavors, including Provolone, American, and of course, Pepper Jack. These little slices of goodness are convenient for sandwiches, vegan burgers, and layering on nachos. Suitable for those with nut allergies, Follow Your Heart’s Dairy-Free Pepper Jack Cheese Slices are made from a base of potato and corn starches. 

SriMu - Fire Artisanal Cashew Nut Cheese

If you’re looking for something a little creamier than a traditional Pepper Jack cheese that still has a kick to it, then try this artisanal cashew nut cheese, similar to traditional brie. Zesty and tangy, this creamy gem has fiery flavors from red pepper flakes – all in one neat, little package. This touch adds the warmth that’s associated with Pepper Jack cheese, without the full-on fiery heat! It’s the perfect Pepper Jack variation for your vegan cheese board.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Spicy?

There are many variations of this vegan cheese. The basic ingredients include sweet peppers and herbs, and a variety of chili peppers such as habaneros, jalapenos, or serranos. As you can imagine, depending on the exact quantities of chilis used, it can be spicy. 

Of course, we still think you should give vegan Pepper Jack cheese a go! After the initial burst of heat, you’re left with a rich, buttery taste that you simply won’t experience with any other kind of vegan cheese. Experiment with different vegan cheese brands until you find the ideal one for you. 

Does Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Need to be Refrigerated?

It stays fresher for longer when it’s stored in the fridge. Wrapped in plastic or veggie wrap and kept in an airtight container, Pepper Jack vegan cheese can last around two weeks in the fridge. Don’t leave your vegan cheese on your kitchen counter – we don’t recommend storing your vegan cheese at room temperature.

Alternatively, vegan Pepper Jack cheese can be stored in the freezer. Store-bought vegan cheese can last up to six months in the freezer if the packaging is unopened.

Does Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Need to be Cooked Before Eating It?

The great news about vegan cheese is that it’s made from a blend of plant-based ingredients, which can be eaten raw. Manufactured vegan cheeses have been created to mimic dairy cheese, which means they can be used exactly the same way as dairy cheese. Therefore, you don’t need to cook vegan Pepper Jack cheese before you eat it. 

So, if it takes your fancy, you can eat it raw, spread over crackers, or sliced into sandwiches. 

Is Vegan Pepper Jack Cheese Healthy?

This is like asking “how long is a piece of string”. The answer, we’re afraid, is “it depends”. 

Vegan cheeses like Pepper Jack vegan cheese are entirely plant-based and so do not contain any cholesterol. Low-Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol may increase the risk of heart disease or stroke if the levels are too high within our bodies. 

However, vegan cheese can still be high in refined oils, salts, or color additives. It’s thought that these may also be detrimental to our overall health, if consumed in large quantities. 

The bottom line is that vegan Pepper Jack cheese can be eaten in moderation, as part of a balanced diet.

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