Louisville Vegan Jerky – PlantX US
Louisville Vegan Jerky - Maple Bacon, 3oz
Louisville Vegan Jerky Maple Bacon is a deliciously salty-sweet vegan jerky with the flavor of a home-cooked breakfast. Textured soy protein, tamari soy sauce, real maple syrup, and natural smoke flavor give this jerky a great taste and 18 grams...
Louisville Vegan Jerky - Smoky Carolina BBQ, 3oz
Powered by plants, Lousvilla Vegan Jerky is made the way most jerky is made -- by hand, in small batches, and sourced from delicious and fresh Kentucky ingredients. Loaded with plant-based protein and fiver, this jerky is gluten-free and vegan...
Louisville Vegan Jerky - Perfect Pepperoni, 3oz
Craving plant-based pepperoni just picked from the pizza? Louisville Vegan Jerky Perfect Pepperoni is authentic, full of flavor & protein-rich for you to enjoy! Key Information Organic Plant-based jerky Cholesterol-free Protein-rich Non-GMO Gluten-free Low on fat and ree of trans...
Louisville Vegan Jerky - Smoked Black Pepper, 3oz
Louisville Vegan Jerky’s Smoked Black Pepper Jerky is a delicious source of protein, free of cholesterol, and full of flavor. Perfect on the go. Key Information Plant-based jerky Organic & non-GMO Free from cholesterol & trans fats Protein-rich Gluten-free Product...
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