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HIPPEAS - Vegan White Cheddar, 4 oz
Righteously cheezy puffs just without the cheese.This strangely addictive chickpea puffs in vegan white cheddar flavor are crunchy, delicious, and a great alternative to any of your usual chips and snacks. With high-quality ingredients, no peanuts, tree nuts, or soy,...
Siete - Potato Chips, 5.5 oz
Siete’s Mexican-style papitas are here to spice up your party with their delicious flavors and fab crunch. They’re also crazy moreish - don’t say we didn’t warn you! Key Information Vegan Gluten-free Kettle cooked 100% avocado oil Grain-free Product Overview...
Late July - Organic Blue Corn Dippers, 8 Oz
Who says snacking can’t be luxurious? Take your afternoon snacks up a notch with Late July Cantina Dippers Blue Corn Tortilla Chips. They’re made of only the best quality gluten-free and non-GMO ingredients combined for an elegant restaurant-quality appetizer. Ingredients:...
1 review PigOut - Pork Rinds Hella Hot, 3.5 oz
PigOut - Pork Rinds Hella Hot, 3.5 oz
Flavors everyone will love—that is the guarantee of Pig Out Pork Rinds Hella Hot. Packed with 25g of plant-based protein per bag, enjoy the addictively delicious flavors free from guilt and worries. It’s baked not fried and also free of...
Beanfields - Jalapeno Nacho Bean Rice Chips, 5.5 oz
Beanfields Jalapeno Nacho Bean & Rice Chips are deliciously crunchy and tantalizingly spicy chips made with beans & rice to give them more fiber and more protein than your standard nacho flavored chip! Ingredients: Black Beans, Navy Beans, Brown Rice,...
Plant Snacks - Vegan Cheddar Cassava Root Chips, 5 Oz
Plant Snacks Vegan Cheddar Chips brings that delicious salty-savory cheddar flavor of traditional potato chips but without any of the "Big 8" allergens, thanks to cassava flour! Enjoy these chips by the handful or with any of your favorite chip...
Plant Snacks - Beet With Vegan Goat Cheese Cassava Root Chips, 5 oz2.69
Plant Snacks Beet With Vegan Goat Cheese Chips are crispy, crunchy chips made with cassava root flour, ensuring they're free from the "Big 8" allergens. This variety includes vegan goat cheese and beet for delicious savory-salty flavor that you just...
Beanfields - Cheddar & Sour Cream Bean Chips, 5.5 oz
Beanfields Cheddar And Sour Cream Bean Chips are a wholesome reimagining of the classic cheesy and tangy chip flavor, made with navy beans and brown rice for added fiber and protein. Munch on and know you're getting high-quality nutrition! Ingredients:...
Beanfields - Himalayan Salt & Vinegar Bean Chips, 5.5 oz
Beanfields Himalayan Salt+Vinegar are fantastically crunchy chips made with just navy beans and brown rice. Beanfields found the only way to improve on the perfectly savory Himalayan pink salt; adding vingear to make them irresistibly salty and punchy. Ingredients: Navy...
Beanfields - Spicy Nacho Vegan Cracklins, 3.5 oz
Beanfields Spicy Nacho Vegan Cracklins are vegan cracklins made with navy beans and cassava flour, blasted with spicy nacho flavor. This snack puts a delicious vegan twist on the classic nacho flavored snack. Ingredients: Navy Beans, Safflower Or Sunflower Oil,...
Parm Crisps - Plant-Based Cheese Crisps, 1.75oz
Parm Crisps Plant-based Cheese Crisps are crunchy cheesy bites, oven-baked to perfection. Vegan and sugar-free, these chips facilitate snacking at its finest. Key Information Artisan crafted Oven-Baked to perfection Sophisticated Snacking at its finest Multiple Flavors 100% Vegan Sugar-Free Keto...
Stacy's Pita Chips - Organic Pita Chips
Stacy’s Pita Chips are deliciously crunchy, crispy, and made from real pita bread! These chips are perfect for dipping, dunking, and nibbling at any time of the day! Key Information Non-GMO Project Verified Made lovingly with real pita No artificial...
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