What Are The Essential Supplements For Those On A Plant-Based Diet?

What Are The Essential Supplements For Those On A Plant-Based Diet?

We all know the vegan diet is amazing. It's better for the planet, the animals, and most importantly, your health. With that said, the reality is that by excluding certain food groups it can be harder to get all the essential minerals and vitamins your body needs. That's why by using the right plant-based supplements you can make sure you're always in optimal health!

Some nutrients and minerals you just can’t get from plants. Other times it’s just really hard to eat enough to get your recommended daily allowance. That's why complimenting your vegan diet with plant-based supplements can be a gamechanger. Keep on reading and we’ll make sure all your bases are covered!

Vitamin B12

Vegan Vitamin B12

This is the most crucial supplement for plant-based diets (hence why it's at the top of our list). If you only take one supplement please make it this one! B12 is the holy grail for vegans because it's really difficult to get naturally in our diet.

This vitamin is produced by bacteria in the soil. This then spreads to nearby plants, which are then eaten by livestock. Some vegans claim you can get enough vitamin B12 by not washing your vegetables but, unless you are growing your own produce, most supermarkets will pre-wash them before they even hit the shelves.

Vitamin B12 is a really important vitamin because it supports so many of your body's crucial functions. This includes the formation of red blood cells, maintaining your immune system, and delivering oxygen around your body. After a few years of being deficient in B12, it can lead to developing neurological disorders and anemia.

Never fear though! It’s easier than ever to get B12 through plant-based supplements. At PlantX, we have many different options for vitamin B12 supplements. We also have some of our products that are fortified with vitamin B12 as well, such as plant-based milks and vegan cheeses. If you only take one plant-based supplement make it B12! You’ll thank us later. 


Well all know the importance of protein in building and repairing muscles and bones. That’s why many new vegans worry that without meat or fish they won't get enough. Not to worry, with a plant-based diet you can get all the protein you need through the right grains, beans, pulses, and nuts. Many vegans use supplements as well though because they want to build muscle easier, or occasionally, they need a meal replacement. 

Sunwarrior - Chocolate Classic Plus Protein Powder 


Sunwarrior - Chocolate Classic Plus Protein Powder


Having protein powders pre or post-workout is a great way to get all the protein you need and will also allow your body to recover quicker. Who doesn't want to achieve their optimal potential? 

Protein plant-based supplements to hand can also be a great psychological crutch if you don't think there's enough in your diet. There are also plenty of other powders, shakes, and proteins bars as well, to ensure your body is getting all the fuel it needs. Now go and get them gains! 


Vegan Omega 3

We've all heard of omega-3 and how important it is. There are so many different things it does to keep us healthy. From helping to maintain healthy eyesight, to supporting our cardiovascular health and boosting our mood, to just name a few. It truly is a vital vitamin, and one great way to get more in your diet is by eating chia seeds, flaxseeds, or even flaxseed oil.

Most people think that omega-3 comes from fish, but they would be mistaken. The true source is what the fish eat, which is algae on the seafloor. In other words, let's skip the middleman! Save the fish and introduce a supplement for your plant-based diet. Another great Omega-3 EPA/DHA supplement is made by Iwi, check it out! It’s better for you, and the planet. 


The iron requirements on a plant-based diet are 1.8 times higher than they are for meat-eaters. It’s a crucial mineral that supports the proper function of hemoglobin and transporting oxygen in the blood. For optimal physical and mental performance, an iron supplement for your plant-based diet can be very beneficial. 

Doctors Best - High Absorption iron 

Doctors Best - High Absorption iron

Deficiency is very common in a western diet, particularly for us who are plant-based. Symptoms such as fatigue, muscle weakness, and pale skin are crucial signs. There are of course foods to include in your diets such as legumes, nuts, seeds, and grains, but sometimes a supplement for a plant-based diet is preferable. 

Vitamin D 

This vitamin can be really hard to get on a vegan diet. Even people who aren’t plant-based can struggle. Some studies show that 41.6 percent of North Americans may be deficient. Vitamin D is needed for a lot of your body's processes, from fighting infections to helping your bone density, and even boosting your mood.

You can of course get vitamin D from sunlight, but let's be honest, when it’s cold and it’s winter does it feel like you're getting all the sunlight you need? It’s called the winter blues for a reason, people! Not to worry though, there are many ways plant-based products that are fortified with vitamin D to help from products such as mushrooms to almond milk

Ora Sol Food: Organic Vitamin D3 Tablets

Ora Sol Food: Organic Vitamin D3 Tablets

Of course, the other way is to supplement your plant-based diet. These are literally bottles of sunshine! Organic Vitamin D3 Tablets are quickly absorbed so you can make sure your body is getting what it needs.


We, vegans, don't do dairy. And yet, growing up all our moms told us to drink our milk or we’ll break our bones. Well, they were right. Kinda. So calcium is crucial for maintaining the destiny of our bones (that includes your teeth, by the way, we all forget their bones don't we). It also supports other essential processes such as your nervous system and muscle function. Without the right amount of calcium, we do have a higher risk of fractures and other health issues. 

The dairy industry has tricked many people into believing that you need milk from animals to get the calcium you need. Obviously, this is not true and you can get all the calcium you need on a plant-based diet such as through soy, beans, nuts, and leafy greens. There are also many fortified foods that have calcium as well. Of course, the simple and effective way is to supplement your plant-based diet if you feel you aren’t hitting your daily allowance. 

Daiya Alfredo Style Deluxe Cheeze Sauce is a great cheese sauce packed full of calcium is another great way to ensure your body gets everything it needs. It packs 25% of your Daily Value in just one serving, and it tastes delicious. 

PlantFusion Calcium

PlantFusion Calcium

And if Cheezy sauce covered on mountains of pasta isnt your thing, then something wrong with you. No, I’m just kidding! But seriously, if you want the quick no fuss way, then PlantFusion’s Calcium supplements are a great way to cover all your bases. 


We left zinc last because it always seems to be forgotten! It’s an essential nutrient that supports many of your body's processes. This includes fighting the common cold and boosting your immune system. The thing with zinc is that although it can be found in plant foods, its density of it varies greatly depending on where it was grown. That's why using a plant-based supplement can be the way to go.

Global Healing Organic Plant-Based Zinc

Global Healing Organic Plant-Based Zinc

This little bottle is a particular favourite. It uses organic guava leaves so the zinc is easily absorbed into your system. It makes taking it a breeze! 

All in all

We know that was a lot of information, but don’t worry. We’re not going to test you! Hopefully, you now see the benefits of supplementing a plant-based diet. It is very easy to miss out on vital vitamins and minerals if you don’t monitor your diet carefully. By making sure your body is getting everything it needs through supplements, you can ensure your body is performing at its best.

We know at times it’s hard to be vegan. But when it does feel like effort or even trivial at times, just remember all good you’re doing, for yourselves and the planet. We hope this article has been helpful and you've learned something useful. Just remember supplements are all about complimenting your diet. Food first, always!