How To Care For Your Golden Pothos

How To Care For Your Golden Pothos

With many of us stuck at home, it has become a source of joy and comfort to make our home cozier and brighter. And what better way to liven up your place than to add plants in every corner. For beginner and seasoned plant enthusiasts alike, the Devil’s Ivy or Pothos is a popular house plant.   With intricately colored heart-shaped leaves that cascade from delicate vines, golden pothos is a great centerpiece or corner plant. So how do you keep a Golden Pothos plant alive?  

Where To Place Your Pothos

Pothos is a tropical forest plant. In nature, they can grow incredibly large and climb over larger plants or trees. It’s best to keep them indoors to protect them from extremes of temperature, especially if you live in a colder region.    This plant thrives in bright, indirect sunlight but can tolerate other light conditions. Make sure not to place it in direct sunlight as it will scorch its leaves. There’s no need to worry about the humidity in the room. The Golden Pothos plant is tolerant to all levels of humidity.   

How Often Should You Water Your Pothos?

Lucky for you, this plant does not require a lot of care or watering. It will continue to grow beautiful leaves during periods of drought or neglect. Water your plant every 1 to 2 weeks, and make sure to allow the soil to dry out first before watering.    Also, remember to provide enough drainage for your plant. You can do this by lining the drainage holes with larger gravel and always throwing out the accumulated water in your pot plate. Remember that overwatering can cause root rots in plants.    Worry not as your plant will tell you if it needs watering. Leaves droop when the plant is thirsty. If you see this sign, give your plant a drink. Otherwise, its leaves will start to fall out.   

Golden Pothos Care Benefits

Added aesthetic to your home is one of the obvious benefits of taking care of the Devil’s Ivy. You can place your pot on a bookshelf or ledge where its cascading habit will shine.    Apart from that, it also clears the air of toxins, especially pollutants commonly found in furnished rooms like benzene and formaldehyde. What’s more, it improves the oxygen level of the room.    If you want to have better sleep quality and rest, place a pothos plant in the bedroom.    Is Golden Pothos Safe Around Pets And Children? Unfortunately, all parts of the Devil’s Ivy are poisonous, so make sure to place your plant somewhere out of reach of pets and children. It can cause harmful effects when ingested.    Caring for the Golden Pothos is easy enough. What’s more, you can easily propagate it to share with your friends and family. If you have a busy lifestyle but want to decorate your home with some greens, Golden Pothos is the perfect way to start.