The 8 Amazing Benefits Of Plant-Based Meat

The 8 Amazing Benefits Of Plant-Based Meat

At PlantX, we know how amazing plant-based food is. We know the potential it has, and the benefits it has on the world and its inhabitants. There are some benefits that are quite commonly known at this stage, but there are some things that need clearing up.

Whatever your diet is, you might be skeptical about plant-based meats. Some vegans even swear off them as they might not be used to the idea of them. We would like to rest your minds and let you know that they are not only incredibly delicious, but they have some amazing benefits for our bodies and our planet. Here are 8 of these benefits.

Source Of Protein

source of protein

When adopting a plant-based diet, there are some factors that are scrutinized heavily. One is that there is not a significant amount of protein in plants to fuel a regular human lifestyle. Although this is generally untrue, it is made even more false with the advent of plant-based meat.

One of the benefits of plant-based meats is that they have a high protein content. They might not have the same protein-to-carb ratio as animal meat, though they possess a significantly higher one than other options. It is now easier than ever to hit your protein goal with plant-based meat options like these sausages from Beyond Meat.

These protein sources are incredibly versatile, delicious, and nutritious. If you’re wondering how is plant-based meat made with such a high content? Different companies use a different base including seitan, vegetables, grains, legumes, and more.

Lower In Saturated Fats

Lower In Saturated Fats

Though plant-based meats have a higher amount of carbs per portion, they have far less saturated fats. Some levels of saturated fats are good, but some meats possess dangerous amounts when ingested regularly. Particularly fatty red meats like lamb, steak, and pork can be high in these dangerous molecules.

What is plant-based meat excessive in you might ask? Well, each different option is enriched with different minerals, vitamins, and healthy compounds that are good for us in the long and short term. 

Higher Fiber Content

Higher Fiber Content

One thing that is barely present (only in trace amounts) in meat is fiber. Fiber is essential for our digestive system, aiding in the digestion and breaking down of foods. Fiber also helps to keep you fuller for longer, so is a particularly useful tool in weight loss diets.

When asking is plant-based meat healthy, consider the role of fiber in your diet. It is recommended to eat between 25-30 grams of fiber per day according to the University of San Francisco’s findings. With 6g of fiber in one single serving of these plant-based meatballs, consuming plant-based meats is an incredibly easy way of reaching this goal.

Good For Heart Health

good for healthy heart

There is a lot of debate on this, but the evidence to us is clear. Eating a higher content of plant protein may improve heart health. A healthy heart pumps infrequently but with strength. Blood is able to oxygenate and deoxygenate efficiently, feeding the organs and essential systems of the body.

Our heart health is essential for all bodily functions, so we must try our utmost to optimize it. The risk of cardiovascular disease is greatly reduced when you stop eating polyunsaturated fats as articulated by Medical News Today, a molecule that is ever present in animal fats. A great way of reducing this is to eat more plant-based meats!

Animal Welfare

animal welfare

One of the major benefits of eating plant-based meats isn’t for our bodies, but for our minds. Once we become aware of the horrific reality of the animal agriculture industry it is hard to ignore. People often underestimate the importance of improving and maintaining our mental health. Keeping a clear conscious and supporting causes important to us is a huge part of this.

Seemingly impossible amounts of animals die every year to produce food for humans. It is so hard to measure, but this is so unnecessary. An insane amount of these products go to waste. When asking how is plant-based meat made, we know it is in direct action against this crazy practice.

One way that we can help animals is by choosing to eat more plant-based meats! At PlantX, we have an incredible range of some of the best and latest plant-based meat options on the market. Products like this Hungry Planet Fried Chicken Fillet are sure to help! Simply reheat as per the instructions on the box, assemble your meal, and enjoy!

Sustainable Farming 

sustainable farming

In tandem with the animal welfare concerns that worry a large portion of the population, we have reached a point where we have to become concerned about the way that we farm. Many large-scale animal agriculture practices choose not to farm sustainably as it makes their products more expensive. This is an issue for our world.

To be completely fair, this can be the same for plant farming. There is large-scale deforestation around the world to grow palm, soy, and certain nuts that all humans enjoy. Simply choosing to eat more plant-based meat doesn’t necessarily reduce that.

At PlantX, however, the majority of our plant-based meats are farmed ethically and sustainably. Many of these are small-scale productions, farmed by local farmers across the world. When asking questions like what are the benefits of not eating meat, you can clearly see the results through companies like Very Good Butchers

Very Good Butchers are a company that started from the ground up and is now producing some of the finest plant-based meats around. This taco filling is a wonderful product that we love to use and never get bored of!

Reduced Waste

plant based food

The shelf life of animal products is really limited. Most meat products only have a week or so on the shelf in supermarkets before they spoil and go bad. This is really not a long time at all, making it inevitable that they are thrown away more frequently.

Plant-based meats are more stable compounds with longer shelf lives. As they have been formed in particular ways, the shelf life can be controlled and you won't have to throw them away as quickly!



What is plant-based meat really doing for our environment? One of the biggest benefits of plant-based meat is the reduced stress on our environment. The environment truly suffers as a result of all the carbon emissions being released from animal agriculture. Plant-based meat has a much lower carbon footprint than meat does.

Choosing to adopt a fully plant-based diet will reduce this impact greatly. However, by simply choosing to eat plant-based meats several times a week instead of animal products will have a positive impact as well.

We can deduce that there are some really meaningful, significant issues that a plant-based meat-focused diet will have on our bodies and the world. Here at PlantX, our role is to help you eat amazing food that might also surprise you. Have a shop now for some incredible-tasting plant-based meat products.