Venus Williams signs deal to be the face of ‘plant-based lifestyle’ si – PlantX US
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Venus Williams signs deal to be the face of ‘plant-based lifestyle’ site

Venus Williams signs deal to be the face of ‘plant-based lifestyle’ site

Venus Williams has signed a deal to be the face of an online hub for “the plant-based lifestyle,” Page Six is exclusively told. It’s one of the results of her career-altering battle with Sjögren’s syndrome, according to the tennis legend. After struggling on the court for several months, Williams was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease in 2011. The condition left her “overwhelmed with fatigue,” according to the Guardian newspaper, which said that it ultimately “robbed her of several years of her career.” Williams has credited the transition to a plants-only diet with helping her recover and return to her athletic peak. Now she’s signed up to be the “ambassador” for PlantX, an online store for plant-based products. It also aims to foster a community for people with a plants-only diet. “It’s the first marketplace of its kind and I wish it had been around when I was transitioning to a plant-based diet over a decade ago,” the seven-time Grand Slam winner said in a statement. “Living a plant-based lifestyle has drastically improved my quality of life, so I’m looking forward to working with PlantX to help others learn about the food system and how this lifestyle can help them achieve optimal health.” “Venus’ success as an elite plant-based athlete is incredibly inspiring. I am thrilled that our values align so powerfully in a way that encourages people to give plant-based living a try and listen to their bodies closely as they transition towards this lifestyle,” said Sean Dollinger, PlantX founder. “Our partnership with Venus aims to celebrate these values and raise awareness of the incredible heights that a plant-based lifestyle can achieve.”


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