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Wholly Wholesome - Whole Wheat Pie Dough, 16oz


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Wholly Wholesome - Whole Wheat Pie Dough, 16oz

Brand - Wholly Wholesome
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Quick Description

Rich and flaky crust? That’s exactly what you’re getting when you bake Wholly Wholesome’s Pie Dough the right way. It even comes with 2 crusts per pack!

Key Information

  • Ready to use pie dough
  • Simply unroll to use
  • 2 pie crusts per pack
  • 0 Trans fats per serving
  • USDA Certified Organic

Product Overview

Baking can be a very time-consuming hobby. And if there’s one thing that you can afford to get from the store, it’s pie crust. Wholly Wholesome’s Pie Dough is just the same as the one you’d make at home!

Pie crust should be flaky and rich and balance out all the sweet and decadent flavors of the filling. That’s exactly what you’re getting with Wholly Wholesome’s Pie Dough! It’s tasty but without taking the spotlight away from the main ingredients.

This pie crust is very easy to use. Once you’ve thawed it out (yes, this needs to be kept frozen), simply open the pack and unroll it to use.

Get ready because, with Wholly Wholesome’s Pie Dough, you’ve got the makings of a great pie… or two!


Organic whole wheat flour. Organic palm oil*, water, organic wheat flour organic cane syrup, sea salt, organic cane sugar, organic guar gum, organic locust bean gum.
*Organic palm oil is responsibly sourced.
Allergens: Wheat. Made in a facility that uses dairy, egg, and soy. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I use Wholly Wholesome Pie Dough for no-bake recipes?

Absolutely! Just take it out of the freezer to thaw (for about 3 - 5 hours) and then lay it in your pie pan or dish. Keep the prepared crust chilled while you preheat your oven. Then bake until the edges of the crust reach a golden brown.

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Wholly Wholesome - Whole Wheat Pie Dough, 16oz
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