The Herbivorous Butcher - Ribeye Steak, 14oz

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The Herbivorous Butcher - Ribeye Steak, 14oz

Brand - The Herbivorous Butcher
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Quick Description

Cut into one of these succulent vegan Ribeye Steaks from the Herbivorous Butcher. Just the thing for a barbecue with family and friends!

Key Information

  • Vegan-friendly Ribeye Steak
  • Contains gluten
  • Great source of protein and healthy fats
  • Healthy meat alternative!
  • Easy to prepare in the oven or on the stovetop

Product Overview

Get that oh-so-good meatiness of a succulent beef steak without the meat with this 100% plant-based Ribeye Steak from The Herbivorous Butcher. Just the thing for summer barbeques or winter dinner parties.

Rich in natural and vegan protein, one of these Ribeye Steaks contains a whopping dose of protein - with 26g of it per serving!

Well done? Rare? Medium Rare? However you like it, these Ribeye Steaks are a real gourmet treat that can be cooked in any number of ways and incorporated into all of your favorite vegan dishes.

Why not try accompanying these steaks with a side of salty fries for a classic plate of French steak frites? Simple and dignified.

Easy to prepare - these steaks can be covered in foil and prepared in the oven at 350°F or pan-fried just like the real thing!


Vital Wheat Gluten, Steak Boiling Broth (Water, Tomato Juice, Beef-free Broth Concentrate (Soy Sauce, Organic Brown Sugar, Spice, Molasses, Orange Juice, Lemon Juice, Less Than 2% Of: Dijon Mustard, Liquid Smoke, Bay Leaf), Nutritional Yeast, Spice, Sunflower Oil), Soy Sauce, Molasses), Vital Wheat Gluten, Ribeye Fat (Water, Sunflower Oil, Tapioca Flour, Vital Wheat Gluten, Less Than 2% Of Spice), Tomato Juice, Water, Apple Juice, Sunflower Oil, Soy Sauce, Tomato Paste, Less Than 2% Of: Liquid Smoke, Nutritional Yeast, Molasses, Beet Powder, Spice, Chickpea Flour, Chili Powder, Smoked Paprika
Allergens: Wheat, Soy, Mustard

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s so great about The Herbivorous Butcher?

Here at PlantX, we love a brand that has made it its goal to make switching to a plant-based diet easy and accessible to everyone. The Herbivorous Butcher does just that!

Its wide range of delicious meat alternatives use 100% vegan ingredients and have been carefully flavored to give us that bit of meaty goodness that we’ve all been missing.

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