The Greater Knead - Gluten-Free Bagel Chips, 4.25oz Multiple Flavors

The Greater Knead - Gluten-Free Bagel Chips, 4.25oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - The Greater Knead
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Quick Description

The Greater Knead’s Gluten-Free Bagel Chips are crispy and crunchy. Made from just as tasty but wonky bagels, they save on food waste and are non-GMO.

Key Information

  • Non-GMO
  • Top 8 allergen-free
  • Made from misshaped bagels, to reduce food waste
  • Carefully hand-crafted and baked
  • Crispy, crunchy texture
  • Keep Refrigerated

Product Overview

Satisfyingly salty with a crisp texture. These Gluten-Free Bagel Chips by The Greater Knead are coated in a delicious mix of aromatic garlic, sweet onion, and fragrant spices.

A healthier alternative to chips, these BagelChips are non-GMO and free from the top 8 allergens. These carefully hand-crafted bagel chips are made from misshaped and wonky bagels, meaning they also reduce food waste.

This crunchy snack is perfect for munching during sports games or during a film. Enjoy plain, dip in hummus for a savory taste, jam or nut butter for a sweeter flavor.


White rice flour, water, tapioca starch, brown sugar (cane sugar, molasses), salt, sorghum flour, sweet white rice flour, olive oil, psyllium husk, dried garlic, dried onion, poppy seeds, paprika, yeast, molasses and xanthan gum & garlic powder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Bagel Chips better than normal chips?

There are only 100 calories per serving of The Greater Knead’s Bagel Chips (about ¼ of the packet) and 1.5g of fat, lower than a typical serving of chips. To make this delicious snack more nutritious, pair it with a bean-based dip like hummus for a boost of plant protein, or a fresh salsa for some extra vegetables.

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