Sweet Earth - Mindful Chik'n Strips, 8oz

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Sweet Earth - Mindful Chik'n Strips, 8oz
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Sweet Earth - Mindful Chik'n Strips, 8oz

Brand - Sweet Earth
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Quick Description

Let your imagination run wild and go on a real culinary journey with Sweet Earth’s amazingly versatile, plant-based Mindful Chik'n Strips.

Key Information

  • Non-GMO chicken strip alternative
  • Made with plant-based ingredients
  • High in protein and source of fiber
  • Free of hormones and antibiotics
  • Keep refrigerated or frozen

Product Overview

Wish there was an easy way to replace animal protein in your diet? With Sweet Earth’s Mindful Chik'n Strips, you are getting just that and so much more! This is the perfect alternative to chicken and is just as versatile.

Add your favorite herbs and spices or toss into an aromatic tomato sauce and you will be taking your palate for a real ride! Delicious on pasta, salads, wraps, and curry dishes, there is no end to the possibilities with Sweet Earth’s Mindful Chik'n Strips.

Made with amazing plant-based ingredients, these Chik’n Strips are also non-GMO. Don’t worry, you’ll still be getting a massive helping of protein - 18 grams per serving to be exact! These Chick’n Strips are also completely free from hormones and antibiotics and provide an excellent source of fiber.


Water, soy protein concentrate, canola oil, distilled vinegar, yeast extract, seasoning (salt, natural flavors, yeast extract, citric acid, roasted onion powder, onion powder, sugar), salt.
Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to cook my Sweet Earth Mindful Chik’n Strips?

Sweet Earth’s Mindful Chik'n Strips are ready to eat! Whether right out of the packet or lightly tossed with your favorite seasoning, you can totally enjoy these Chik’n Strips on their own or as a topping or with a dipping sauce. You can also cook them if you so choose. Simply preheat a lightly oiled pan over a medium heat, add the strips, and stir-fry for 7 minutes or until they reach an internal temperature of 165° F.

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