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Siete - Tortilla Chips Ranch, 4oz

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Enjoy the delicious and satisfying taste of ranch dressing in a bag of chips with Siete Ranch Tortilla Chips. From the seasoning blend of parsley, dill and garlic, snack like a star in this flavorful tortilla chips with the best elements of that classic dip you’ve always loved. Made from clean, natural ingredients, oven-baked, fried in avocado oil, and without gluten, dairy, soy, GMOs, and grain.

Ingredients: Cassava Flour, Avocado Oil, Coconut Flour, Nutritional Yeast, Coconut Milk Powder, Chia Seed, Sea Salt, Garlic Powder, Lactic Acid, Onion Powder, Citric Acid, Oil Weed, Parsley Powder.

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Siete - Tortilla Chips Ranch, 4oz
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