Panda - Natural Licorice Chews, 7oz Multiple Flavors

Panda - Natural Licorice Chews, 7oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - Panda Licorice
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Quick Description

Give yourself something to chew on with these Natural Licorice Chews from Panda. Made from all-natural ingredients for the perfect vegan-friendly chewy treat. 

Key Information

  • Kosher
  • Chewy licorice 
  • 3 mouth-watering flavors
  • Made with natural Ingredients
  • Vegan-friendly and fat-free
  • Resealable bag to lock in freshness

Product Overview

Chew won't believe the taste of Panda’s Natural Licorice Chews! Made with all-natural ingredients, Panda’s is some of the purest licorice you’ll find. 

Panda’s traditional method of slow-cooking the licorice ensures maximum flavor and an irresistible chewiness, guaranteed to have you dipping your hand back in the bag for more! 

But if you can stop yourself from eating them all in one go, Panda’s fat-free, vegan, and kosher-friendly icorice Chews come in a resealable bag to keep your chews fresh and delicious right down to the last chew! 

Natural Licorice Chews Black (Soft)

With licorice, the old ways are the best. That’s why Panda make their black licorice with the traditional methods dating back to 1927. Made from natural licorice root extract, these soft chewy licorice treats are truly mouth-watering! 

Natural Licorice Chews Raspberry

We all love the classics, but sometimes you’ve got to jazz up your licorice with something a little sweeter. Still made the traditional way, these sumptuous chews will satisfy your sweet tooth with a delicious burst of fruity flavor!

Natural Licorice Chews Strawberry

Is there anything better than chewing on some deliciously juicy, strawberry licorice? No there isn’t. And these are the best of their kind! Fat-free, vegan, and kosher to boot, you can enjoy these fruity treats with a clear conscience.


Natural Licorice Chews Black (Soft)
Molasses syrup, wheat flour, licorice extract, natural flavoring (aniseed oil).

Natural Licorice Chews Raspberry
Molasses syrup, wheat flour, pasteurized raspberry puree (1,7%), acidity regulator (citric acid), natural flavoring, licorice extract.
Allergens: Wheat

Natural Licorice Chews StrawberryMolasses, wheat flour, strawberry puree, lemon juice concentrate, natural flavor, licorice extract.
Allergens: Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

Is all licorice vegan? 

No! While all licorice flavors are plant-based (taken from the root of the licorice plant), some licorice candies also contain gelatin and other animal products for their chewy texture. Panda’s Licorice Chews, however, contain no animal products and achieve their delicious chewiness by slow-cooking their licorice in the traditional way. 

Is licorice bad for you? 

Like all candy treats, licorice should be eaten in moderation. However, unlike many other candies, Panda Licorice Chews are fat-free, as well as being free from artificial colors and flavors.

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