Loma Linda - Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper, 5oz

Loma Linda - Tuno Lemon Pepper, 5oz
Loma Linda - Tuno Lemon Pepper, 5oz - back
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Loma Linda - Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper, 5oz

Brand - Loma Linda
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Quick Description

Satisfy those fishy cravings with the Loma Linda Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper. Fresh, fishy, & flavored to perfection, this vegan tuna will knock your socks off!

Key Information

  • Plant-based canned Tuna alternative
  • Lemon and pepper flavor
  • Made with soy protein
  • 13g protein per serving
  • Ocean-safe

Product Overview

What’s the best kind of tuna you can eat? Tuna that contains no tuna at all! Loma Linda’s Plant-Based Tuno Lemon Pepper to be exact.

That’s right, totally ocean safe and plant-based, this soy-based vegan tuna replicates that classic taste and texture of tuna, with none of the nasty bits. Better for the environment and better for you, this Tuno ticks all the right boxes!

Flavored with the subtle taste of lemon and pepper, this vegan tuan couldn’t taste fresher. It’s perfect for crumbling into summer salads, stirring into pasta dishes, and loading up sandwiches.

With 13g of protein per serving, but absolutely 0mg cholesterol, there’s a lot to love about this canned vegan tuna. And, it's non-GMO and gluten-free! Basically, it’s got it all. Try it and see for yourself.


Textured Soya Protein (51%), Water, Soya Oil, Sugar, Lemon Juice (1.2%), Salt, Black Pepper, Citric Acid, Seaweed Powder, Thickener (Xanthan Gum), Natural Lemon Flavouring
Allergens: Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I prepare this Loma Linda Tuno Lemon Pepper?

This Tuno Lemon Pepper by Loma Linda works just like real tuna.

This means that it is totally ready to eat, and all you have to do is crack open the can and drain the fluid. You can enjoy this plant-based creation raw, or cooked into delicious dinners. The choice is yours!

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