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Hoff & Pepper - Wake Up Call Sauce, 12.7 fl oz

Hoff & Pepper - Wake Up Call Sauce, 12.7 fl oz

Brand - Hoff & Pepper
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Quick Description

Vegan and gluten-free, Hoff & Pepper’s Wake Up Call Hot Sauce mix of gourmet spices & cold brew coffee creates the perfect mix of heat & sweet with a boost.

Key Information

  • Hot sauce that’ll wake you up!
  • Hand blended gourmet spices infused with cold brew coffee
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • Perfect hot sauce for a range of dishes
  • Naturally vegan and gluten-free

Product Overview

Wake up and smell the sauce with Hoff & Pepper’s Wake Up Call Hot Sauce, a beautifully crafted hot sauce combining hand-blended gourmet spices and cold brew coffee.

With a mix of cold brew, hot jalapeño, and sweet natural cane sugar, Hoff & Pepper Wake Up Call creates a complex, perfectly balanced blend of heat and sweet with all-natural ingredients, with no high fructose corn syrup, to enliven your food with a zingy wake-up call.

Born to be doused over any BBQ, curry, rice dish, salad, or slow cook meal, this versatile and beautifully balanced vegan hot sauce is bound to set your taste-buds tingling.


Red Jalapeño, Habanero, Chipotle, Vinegar, Water, Salt, Tomatoes, Cold Brew, Cane Sugar, Garlic, Curry Powder, and Nutritional Yeast

Frequently Asked Questions

How should I store Hoff & Pepper Wake Up Call Hot Sauce?

Despite the heat, we recommend you keep your source cool in the refrigerator and consume it within two years. Once opened, it’s recommended you consume within 5-7 days.

Client Reviews

Hoff & Pepper - Wake Up Call Sauce, 12.7 fl oz
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