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Brand - Grain Trust

Grain Trust - Steamed Jasmine Rice, 30oz

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Quick Description

Have hot, delicious rice in an instant with Grain Trust Steamed Jasmine Rice. Just pop in the oven and your rice-cooker quality rice will be ready in 3 minutes!

Key Information

  • Ready in 3 minutes
  • Pre-cooked Jasmine rice
  • Free from gluten & preservatives
  • Fragrant
  • Up to 3 servings per box

Product Overview

Have rice quick and on the go with Grain Trust Steamed Jasmine Rice.

Pre-cooked for you—just pop in the oven and have hot, steaming, fragrant rice in 3 minutes.

Naturally gluten-free and packed with vitamin B, plant protein, and minerals, this Steamed Jasmine Rice is an easy and simple way to add carbs and fuel to your day.

One box is good for 3 servings—perfect for families or those leading a busy lifestyle!
It’s good, whole food. Containing only rice and water, this is one of the cleanest and healthiest instant foods out there.


Cooked Organic Jasmine Rice (water and rice)

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is one serving of Grain Trust Steamed Jasmine Rice?

Each box contains 30 oz of rice, divided into 3 individually-wrapped 10 oz servings.

Is Grain Trust Steamed Jasmine Rice flavored?

No, Jasmine rice is naturally aromatic and smells faintly of pandan, but is not flavored with pandan or any natural or artificial flavoring.

Client Reviews

Grain Trust - Steamed Jasmine Rice, 30oz
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