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Georgia Grinders - Hazelnut Butter, 12oz

Georgia Grinders - Hazelnut Butter, 12oz

Brand - Georgia Grinders
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Quick Description

You know what really grinds our gears? Artificial and just bad nut butters. That’s why we prefer Georgia Grinders because it makes way better Hazelnut Butter!

Key Information

  • A jar of tasty Hazelnut Butter
  • Hand crafted by Georgia Grinders
  • Rich and creamy nut butter
  • Slow roasted hazelnuts
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Non-GMO

Product Overview

Smooth, creamy, and absolutely dreamy, a spoon full od Georgia Grinders’ Hazelnut Butter makes everything better.

Breakfast? Spread on toast or add a dollop on some oats. Lunch or dinner? Perhaps a vegan chicken satay with hazelnut butter sauce! For a quick and healthy snack, how about a fresh, crisp apple dipped in a hazelnut butter spread?

Georgia Grinders’ Hazelnut Butter is made fresh with every order. Each batch is handcrafted using only all-natural ingredients.

Oh, speaking of ingredients, Georgia Grinders’ Hazelnut Butter is made with just two - slow roasted hazelnuts and some sea salt!


Italian/Turkish Hazelnuts, Kosher Sea Salt.
Allergen: Tree Nuts (Hazelnuts).

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s Georgia Grinders’ Hazelnut Butter texture like?

Georgia Grinders Hazelnut Butter is rich, buttery, and full of crunch. Do keep in mind that it can separate and that will happen naturally. Just stir and ”combine” the nut butter if that happens!

Client Reviews

Georgia Grinders - Hazelnut Butter, 12oz
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