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f.e.t.e - Children's Bamboo Toothbrush Multiple Colors

f.e.t.e - Children's Bamboo Toothbrush Multiple Colors

Brand - f.e.t.e
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Quick Description

Make brushing more fun with f.e.t.e’s Children’s Bamboo Toothbrush! These cute toothbrushes are soft, gentle, and recyclable. You will have fun composting them too!

Key Information

  • Eco-friendly, made with compostable bamboo handles
  • Soft recyclable bristles
  • Colorful and cute
  • Smooth handle
  • Gentle on kids’ teeth and gums

Product Overview

Introduce your children to the green movement early!

This Children’s Bamboo Toothbrush from f.e.t.e is a great way to get everyone in the family involved in the fight against pollution.

With compostable and fully biodegradable handles and recyclable bristles, these Bamboo Toothbrushes help reduce the amount of plastic you use in the bathroom.

These cute little toothbrushes have soft bristles and smooth handles so kids can enjoy their brushing time and do their bit for the environment all at once.

And they come in different colors so every kid in the family gets a piece of the rainbow! Choose from Brilliant Blue, Remarkable Red, and Yippee Yellow.


Moso bamboo handle, nylon bristles, resin paint (derived from plants).

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I change my Children’s Bamboo Toothbrush?

In general, you should change your toothbrush (any kind) every 3 to 4 months to make sure the bristles are still good enough to clean your teeth.

Is the paint used on f.e.t.e Children’s Bamboo Toothbrush non-toxic?

Yes, it is a type of natural resin that comes from plants. It is also compostable and fully biodegradable.

Client Reviews

f.e.t.e - Children's Bamboo Toothbrush
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