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f.e.t.e - Bamboo & Natural Rubber Brushes & Combs

f.e.t.e - Bamboo & Natural Rubber Brushes & Combs

Brand - f.e.t.e
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Quick Description

F.e.t.e’s Bamboo & Natural Rubber Brushes and Combs are made entirely of biodegradable materials so you can get styled AND be a real eco-trouper.

Key Information

  • Elegant
  • Gentle on the scalp
  • 100% eco-friendly
  • Travel-friendly
  • Sturdy but biodegradable

Product Overview

Naturally glorious hair looks good on you! And f.e.t.e. has the perfect brush to keep you looking dashing any time of the day.

Feel like getting a scalp massage? This should do the trick. With rounded bristles and flexible bristle beds, f.e.t.e brushes are soft and comfortable, even for the most sensitive of scalps.

The widely-spaced bristles painlessly and gently detangle hair. They are great for any hair type, so you can look well-kempt whatever crown you wear.

F.e.t.e’s Brushes and Combs make the bathroom counter look just that bit more sophisticated. Made with natural materials, these Brushes and Combs are entirely biodegradable and will not add to plastic pollution if you lose them while traveling. Now that’s neat!

Paddle Brush

With a stylish rectangular head, this is an elegant addition to your vanity.

Round Brush

Slightly smaller than the paddle brush and with a round head, this easily fits into small cabinets and office drawers.

Bamboo Comb

For peeps who prefer the classic, here’s a wide toothed-comb for gentle detangling. Slim and handy, this is ideal for traveling and keeping in your pocket.


Paddle Brush and Round Brush:
Handle, body and bristles: Moso bamboo
Bristle bed: natural rubber

Bamboo Comb:
100% bamboo

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the f.e.t.e Bamboo & Natural Rubber Brushes be composted?

Yes! The entire hairbrush is biodegradable and can be composted if desired. But it’s meant to last for a long time, so you might not have to worry about that any time soon!

Where do the bamboo materials come from?

The Moso bamboo is sourced from a bamboo plantation in Anji, China. This way, bamboo products can be produced without depleting pandas’ food supply.

Client Reviews

f.e.t.e - Bamboo & Natural Rubber Brushes & Combs
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