Equal Exchange - Organic Ground Coffee, 10oz Multiple Blends

Equal Exchange - Organic Ground Coffee, 10oz Multiple Blends

Brand - Equal Exchange
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Quick Description

Brewing a cup of Equal Exchange’s gorgeous, aromatic, Organic Ground Coffee will give you the perfect start to the day.

Key Information

  • 10 and 12oz packets of ground coffee
  • Made with plant-based ingredients
  • Kosher friendly
  • Certified organic and grown by small farmers
  • Both offer delicious, unique notes

Product Overview

For all the coffee aficionados, these Ground Coffees will take your palate on a real journey. Equal Exchange’s Organic Ground Coffee offers a stunning, balanced blend that will start your day the best way possible.

With wonderful aromatic notes and delicious flavor, the morning will become your favorite part of the day.

Completely plant-based, these Ground Coffees are made from organic Arabica beans grown by small farmers. Equal Exchange’s Organic Ground Coffee is also totally kosher-friendly.

Organic Mind, Body And Soul Coffee

Made with a gorgeous blend of medium and Vienna roast, you will get nutty, raisin, butterscotch, and brown sugar notes, along with smooth, creamy dark chocolate and walnut flavor.

Organic Love Buzz Coffee

Enjoy the dense and fudgy feel of this amazing coffee, a blend of full city and French roast, offering smoky, dark chocolate flavor and floral, malt, apple pie notes.


Organic Mind, Body And Soul Coffee
Organic arabica coffee.

Organic Love Buzz Coffee
Organic arabica coffee.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many cups of coffee can be brewed from Equal Exchange packaged coffee?

Both these bags can give you, more or less, the same number of cups of coffee. The reason for this is that dark roasts weigh less than light ones since during the roasting process the beans lose a lot more moisture.

So even though Organic Love Buzz Coffee is 10oz, you should get just as many cups out of it as you would the 12oz packet of Organic Mind, Body, And Soul Coffee. Keeping in mind that being exact in these measurements isn’t really possible as people brew their coffee at different strengths, these packets should make between 40-50 cups in a drip brewer.

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