All Vegetarian - Spicy Vegan Jerky, 3.5oz Assorted Flavors

All Vegetarian - Spicy Vegan Jerky - Spicy BBQ Jerky, 3.5oz
All Vegetarian - Spicy Vegan Jerky - Spicy Teriyaki Jerky,  3.5oz
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All Vegetarian - Spicy Vegan Jerky, 3.5oz Assorted Flavors

Brand - All Vegetarian
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Quick Description

This mouthwatering All Vegetarian Spicy Vegan Jerky comes in two tasty flavors, Spicy BBQ and Spicy Teriyaki. Perfect for a protein-rich snack with a kick!

Key Information

  • Soy-based vegan jerky
  • High in protein
  • Non-GMO
  • Zero trans-fat ingredients
  • Perfect on-the-go snack

Product Overview

Spice up your life with this All Vegetarian Spicy Vegan Jerky! Made from non-GMO textured soy protein and flavored with all-natural ingredients to create a protein-rich spicy snack.

This Jerky is perfect to keep in your bag for on-the-go snacking or to add to salads for an extra punch of flavor.

Soy is a staple ingredient for us plant-based people, containing balanced complete proteins and carbohydrates. It is a great way to get many essential nutrients like iron and folic acid.

All Vegetarian Spicy BBQ Jerky

Flavored with Hickory smoke and chilies, this Spicy BBQ-flavored Jerky is a spicy, salty snack that will be sure to bring you back to long summer night BBQs. Both tender and chewy it has a tempting texture with a smokey flavor!

All Vegetarian Spicy Teriyaki Jerky

Spicy Teriyaki Jerky Flavor is the perfect hint to Japanese flavors! Ingredients like teriyaki, soy sauce, and chili bring a depth of flavor to this jerky and will be sure to leave you craving more with its sweet and salty balance.


Spicy BBQ Jerky:
Non-GMO textured soy protein, brown sugar, canola oil, soy sauce, sea salt, hickory smoke flavor, chili flakes, and chili sauce.
Allergens: Soy

Spicy Teriyaki Jerky:
Non-GMO textured soy protein (contains wheat protein), brown sugar, canola oil, soy sauce, sea salt, vegan teriyaki seasoning, chili powder, and chili flakes.
Allergens: Wheat, Soy

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was All Vegetarian Founded?

Family-owned business All Vegetarian was founded in 1993 with the core aim of providing high-quality, vegan food that encourages a healthy lifestyle! Each product line is manufactured using the highest quality oils and ingredients that are non-GMO and with zero trans-fat ingredients.

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