Acid League - Fish N' Chip Sauce, 10.1 fl oz

Acid League - Fish N' Chip Sauce
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Acid League - Fish N' Chip Sauce, 10.1 fl oz

Brand - Acid League
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Quick Description

Transport yourself to the seaside with Acid League’s Fish N’ Chip Sauce! Made from living smoked malt vinegar, it’s a raw, unfiltered, and prebiotic condiment.

Key Information

  • Contains the living vinegar mother
  • Raw and unfiltered
  • Prebiotic
  • No added sugar
  • Nothing artificial

Product Overview

Acid League’s Fish N’ Chip Sauce is made from living smoked malt vinegar and British sea salt to bring you the fresh taste of the seaside. Living smoked malt vinegar is earthy, spicy, smoky, and will enhance more than just fish n’ chips.

Acid League’s goal is to use acidity to inspire, and it does this by bringing us raw, unfiltered, and nutritious vinegar of the highest quality. This is nothing like the malt vinegar you’re probably used to! There’s NO artificial coloring, and the flavor is rich and complex.

Bring the fish n’ chip shop to your home with Acid League’s Fish N’ Chip Sauce. It’s simple, bold, and rocking the vinegar scene! Perfect (obviously) on some comforting vegan fish n’ chips, or get creative and try it in salads, sauces, and cocktails: the Acid League world is your (vegan) oyster.


Living Smoked Malt Vinegar, British Sea Salt.
Allergens: Wheat

Frequently Asked Questions

What is living vinegar?

Acid League’s Fish N’ Chip Sauce contains living vinegar, which is vinegar that is quite literally alive! Don’t be scared: that just means that the ‘mother’ is present in every bottle. The mother is a product of the living organisms that convert alcohol into the acetic acid that is the main ingredient in vinegar.

Living vinegar contains sediment because it is raw and unfiltered. Worry not - it’s a good thing! The sediment is a mix of the mother and the small pulp-like particles that come from the fresh and natural ingredients we use to make the vinegar.

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