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PlantX’s Plant-based Retail Concept

Join Us in Crafting the Future of Food: A Plant-Based Market Franchise Opportunity

XMarket is the retail concept of the future! According to Supermarket News, U.S. plant-based food retail sales exploded in growth by over 27% in 2020, and the trend is accelerating. Plant-based food sales rose nearly twice as much as overall U.S. retail food sales, which climbed 15% in 2020 by comparison, and according to pbfa senior director of retail partnerships Julie Emmett, “the data tells us unequivocally that we are experiencing a fundamental shift, as an ever-growing number of consumers are choosing foods that taste good and boost their health by incorporating plant-based foods into their diet.”

Even with an ever-growing percentage of the population shifting towards a plant-based diet, the industry is still very much nascent, and the opportunity to capitalize on a business model with massive growth potential while offering a healthier lifestyle is right now. Enter: XMarket, the modern convenience store by celebrity chef Matthew Kenney.

What’s Included With The XMarket Franchise?

  • Operations Manual — You’ll Receive A Complete Guide That Details Everything You Need To Know
  • Exposure On Plantx.Com And .Ca Through Our Store Locator
  • PlantX Has Volume Discounts With All Of The Distributors Of Products Listed On PlantX.Com As A Franchisee, The Purchase Of All Products Will Be Centralized. This Means That All Inventory Will Be Purchased By The Franchisee From PlantX, Which Allows The Franchisee To Take Advantage Of PlantX’s Volume Discount. PlantX’s Current Discount Is Trending Towards An Otherwise Unachievable 18%, And After Taking A 3% Transaction Fee, PlantX Gives The Franchisee A 15% Discount Off Of The Wholesale List Price. This In Turn Will Help Keep Retail Prices Competitive, Allowing Franchisees To Reach Their Margin Goals. In Short, As A Franchisee, You Get To Enjoy The Enormous Purchasing Power Of PlantX.
  • Comprehensive Sales Reporting And Tracking
  • Vendor Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Payouts And Commission Management
  • Access To Inventory From The PlantX Greenhouse Which Gives You Access To Wholesale Pricing On Plants
  • Menu And Chef Training By Matthew Kenney Cuisine
  • Exclusive Volume Discounts On Little West Products/ Juices Including The New Private Label Line That Is Being Developed
  • Stock And Inventory Process


We’re here to support you on your XMarket Franchise journey. As such, we offer a turnkey experience. As you know, location can make or break a business, so we not only help you select your store location/site, but we assist with renovations so that the store fits with the overall XMarket aesthetic as well. we also aid with infrastructure development, and required equipment selection, and with necessary technologies, marketing plan and human resources. Everything needed to launch and succeed with your XMarket franchise is right here. As if that wasn’t enough, we also offer:


The PlantX team behind XMarket will execute the training of the entire staff of your franchise location, from the head chef to the busboys. The induction and training of the new employees will be completed well in advance of the opening of the franchise outlet.

Once the franchise agreement is signed and executed in full, the search for employees will begin, providing ample time for staff members at the new location to learn from existing employees and world-renowned chefs at other franchise or flagship locations to ensure a smooth opening.

Marketing and Advertising

All franchisees will be provided with brand guidelines to follow, and a marketing plan and calendar will be provided as well. We provide social media management, which will fall under @goplantx which is handled by XMarket HQ, but the franchisee is required to send content including photographs, videos, and other promotional materials to be included in @goplantx’’s social channels. Promotional materials will be supplied to the franchisee to ensure cohesive branding. All Google My Business and Yelp listings will be set up and managed by XMarket HQ. We do everything to ensure that this goes as smoothly as possible.

PlantX will also include franchisees in its normal PR efforts to bring further exposure to the different locations. We have been, and continue to be, featured in numerous publications from Forbes, to VegNews and many more. Yet another added benefit to being an XMarket franchisee.

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