Yellowbird Sauce – PlantX US
Yellowbird Sauce - Chili Jalapeno, 9.8oz
Add some fiery zing to your favorite tacos or salad by squeezing the spicy, delicious flavor of Yellowbird Sauce Chili Jalapeno. Having the mildest flavor profile that sings of ripe red jalapenos, carrots, onion, and garlic, this vegan Sriracha style...
Yellowbird Sauce - Chili Serrano, 9.8oz
Looking for a little tart yet spicy twist to add to your favorite snack? Try the Yellowbird Sauce Chili Serrano! Dubbed the gateway drug of Yellowbird’s Flock, this vegan condiment boasts a tangy, pickle-ish flavor derived from the smooth mingling...
Yellowbird Sauce - Yellowbird Sauce Chili Habanero, 9.8oz
Fan of spicy foods? Fuel your taste buds and your body with the hot yet delicious flavor of Yellowbird Sauce Chili Habanero. Crafted using real ingredients with no added preservatives, this oh-so-spicy vegan condiment boasts a complex harmony of habanero...
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