Vegetable Chips – PlantX US
Terra Chips - Sea Salt and Vinegar Vegetable Chips, 5 Oz
Fed off your salty cravings with Terra Sea Salt and Vinegar Vegetable Chips. It’s made with only the best Kosher and non-GMO ingredients. What’s more, it’s flavored with sharp and savory ingredients that will satisfy your taste buds. Ingredients: Root...
Terra Chips - Original Veggie Chips, 5 Oz
Enjoy your movie nights with healthy, real vegetable chips. Terra Chips Exotic Veggie original is made of parsnips, taro, sweet potato, yucca, and batata. What’s more, its flavor only comes from natural and gluten-free ingredients. No sign of anything artificial...
Pulp Pantry - Pulp Chips, 5oz
Made from upcycled vegetable fiber, delicious, crunchy Pulp Chips are the most sustainable snack around. Key Information Vegan Gluten-Free Grain-Free and Paleo-Friendly Made from Cold-Pressed Vegetable Pulp Great Source of Fiber Product Overview You’ve guessed it! Pulp Chips are made...
Good Health - Veggie Straws, Sea Salt
Lightly seasoned with sea salt, Good Health Veggie Straws are packed with beneficial plant-powered nutrients from tomatoes, spinach, carrots, broccoli, and beets! Key Information Lightly Salted Potato-Based Snacks Gluten-Free Brimming with Vegetable Nutrients Free From Trans Fats and Hydrogenated Oils...
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