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Don’t we all crave the crunchy, flavorful goodness of corn chips and vegan tortillas? Worry no more – PlantX carries a wide selection of healthy corn chips and organic tortilla chips that will surely satisfy your taste buds. And don’t worry about the guilt – these are all 100% vegan-friendly and suitable for your balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Snack on them day or night, at home or on the go – you can never go wrong with these awesome goodies!

What are Vegan Tortillas and Corn Chips?

You might be wondering – what’s the hype behind vegan tortillas and corn chips? Is it possible for vegans to enjoy the crunchy, savory goodness of these yummy goodies? It’s definitely a resounding yes! Vegan tortillas and corn chips are specifically designed for vegan eaters to enjoy without compromising their balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

PlantX carries a wide selection of 100% plant-based corn chips and vegan tortillas. This means no dairy or any forms of animal byproducts. They’re typically made from corn flour, water, and vegan oil.

Whoever said that vegans should deprive themselves of vegan tortillas and corn chips? Grab a bag, dig in, lick your fingers, and enjoy this delicious guilt-free snack.

Creative Dishes with Vegan Tortillas and Corn Chips

Vegan tortillas and corn chips are the perfect snacks you can dig in straight from the bag. But it doesn’t have to stop right there! There’s a variety of ways to serve and enjoy these yummy goodies. Let’s dig in…

  • Sandwich Side – Prepare a delicious vegan sandwich with your favorite veggies and a side of vegan tortilla chips or corn chips. You can also elevate it with a vegan mayo dip! Nothing beats a flavorful concoction of the yummiest and freshest vegetables paired with crunchy corn chips. This is perfect for foodies who aren’t big on potato chips.
  • Corn Chip-Crusted Tofu – Amp up your deep-fried tofu from boring to fantastic! Use organic corn chips to crust it before tossing it in the deep fryer. Just finely crush your vegan corn chips and coat them on your tofu. The silkiness of the tofu serves as a great contrast to the crunchy texture of the corn chip crust.
  • Vegan Corn Chip Nacho Night – Not a fan of regular nacho chips? No problem! Vegan corn chips are so versatile, that you can even turn them into a delicious tray of nachos. Just spread your favorite organic corn chips on a tray and go crazy with the toppings – jalapeño, peppers, tomatoes, olives, cilantro, and salsa verde deliciously topped with a creamy vegan cheese of your choice.
  • Salad Toppings – Add an extra crunchy layer and savory flavor to your bowl of greens! Just toss organic corn chips or organic tortilla chips into your salad with your favorite veggies. It’s a mouthwatering, multi-layered experience with every bite!

Health Benefits of Vegan Tortilla and Corn Chips

Are vegan tortillas and corn chips healthier than the regular ones? Well, the answer is a bit complex. Yes, it’s definitely a healthier substitute, but it doesn’t mean you can replace your kale, broccoli, or spinach with chips anytime soon. 

In general, a plant-based diet is kind to our bodies. So if you’re snacking on vegan tortilla chips and vegan corn chips in moderation, you don’t need to feel guilty. The keyword here is moderation. It’s perfectly fine to grab a bite here and there of your favorite vegan snacks and treats, as long as you maintain a balanced diet.

Secondly, vegan tortilla and corn chips do not contain any traces of animal byproducts. You no longer need to worry about possibly ingesting animal hormones or trans fat – PlantX’s vegan and tortilla chips are 100% plant-based.

Ultimately, it’s all about making the right choices and educating yourself about what’s in the product. Make sure to thoroughly read the label and assess the nutritional content before consumption.

Top Brands of Vegan Tortilla and Corn Chips to Try

PlantX is dedicated to providing a healthy, vegan substitute for delicious snacks. We carry a comprehensive selection of different vegan tortillas and corn chips that are super tasty and suitable for your diet. Here are some of our bestsellers:

Siete - Tortilla Chips Lime

Experience the taste of authentic tortilla chips with a refreshing hint of lime! Even better, they’re 100% grain-free, gluten-free and made with avocado oil. Nothing beats a tasty and guilt-free snack!

Plant Snacks Vegan Cheddar Cassava Root Chips

What’s better than a delicious snack without the big 8 allergens? Plant Snacks Vegan Cheddar Cassava Root Chips boasts a dynamic savory flavor and cheesy goodness with a touch of rosemary. The best part? It’s non-GMO certified and 100% gluten-free.

Plant Snacks Jalapeno Grain-Free Cassava Chips

Bring on the fire with Plant Snacks Jalapeno Grain-Free Cassava Chips! Made from a delicious blend of peppers and spices, it offers a mildly hot flavor that will surely tingle your taste buds. And don’t worry, it’s gluten-free and non-GMO.

El Ranchero Tortilla Chips

Looking for the perfect dip chip? Let El Ranchero Tortilla Chips be your companion! Made from all-natural ingredients, it’s a guilt-free way to enjoy a mouth-watering snack any time of the day. What’s more, it comes in 3 different flavors: salted, unsalted, and spicy.

Buy the best corn chips and organic tortilla chips at PlantX now. You’re just a click away from having these goodies delivered to your doorstep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are corn chips gluten-free?

Since most corn chips are made from corn, they’re naturally free from gluten. This makes organic corn chips the perfect snack for vegans with celiac disease or gluten intolerance. However, some corn chips are made with a small amount of wheat or are processed in a facility with traces of wheat. Be sure to check the label and scrutinize the product information before consumption.

Are corn chips good for a keto diet?

Foodies who are on a keto diet can munch on corn chips that are grain-free, low-carb, low-fat, sugar-free, and nut-free. Snacks that are keto-friendly should be fine in your diet as long as you eat them in moderation according to your keto plan. Be sure to check the ingredients on the label to ensure that it fits your dietary and lifestyle requirements. 

Are corn chips healthier than potato chips?

Yes! Generally speaking, corn chips have a much higher protein, fiber, and calcium content than potato chips. Potato chips are also relatively higher in fat than corn chips. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can replace your spinach and kale with corn chips alone. The key is to eat your snacks in moderation while maintaining a clean and healthy lifestyle.

What dips are good with vegan corn chips?

Vegan corn chips are versatile snacks that go well with any kind of dip. From a delicious veganaise, vegan Marie Rose, vegan tartare, rich hummus, to a simple vegan cheese sauce. You’ll never go wrong with pairing your vegan corn chips with any dips of your choice. Elevate it by adding chopped dill or red pepper flakes for a gourmet-style snack and you’re good to go! You are bound to find the dip of your desires on PlantX. Just have a browse at our vegan dips section and see what you find!

How do I make vegan corn chips with a tofu crust?

Just crush your vegan corn chips and add your choice of spices – from paprika, cumin to garlic powder and onion powder, it’s up to you! Season it with a dash of salt and pepper to taste. Coat your tofu with mustard or any egg replacer of your choice. Next, coat it with your crushed corn chips until all sides are covered. Deep fry over medium-high heat until golden brown, and enjoy.

Can I use vegan corn chips in nachos?

Definitely! Vegan corn chips are super flexible. Just add your favorite vegan ingredients – from chili beans, corn, cilantro, olives, peppers, jalapeño, tofu, to olives, topped with high-quality vegan cheese. Be the boss of your own nachos and go crazy! It’s a delectable snack you can have any time of the day.

Are vegan tortilla chips healthier than tortilla chips with cheese?

Generally, vegan snacks are healthier than regular snacks because they’re 100% plant-based. This means you don’t have to worry about ingesting animal by-products or hormones. Ultimately, it’s recommended to check the product’s nutritional value to ensure that it fits your diet and lifestyle. Even better, consult your nutritionist for the best vegan tortilla chips that you can snack on.

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