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Vegan chicken soup is chicken soup for the soul, the body, and the planet! It’s that comforting classic that your mom would bring you when you were sick. It’s that easy dinner you can heat up on a cold winter’s night in front of the TV.

Vegan chicken noodle soup is one of life’s new simple pleasures. Pasta or noodles make it into a meal, whilst a nourishing blend of vegetables brings the vitamins. Try our vegan chicken noodle soup today and make your belly happy.

What is a vegan chicken soup made of?

Vegan chicken soup can be made from a range of different ingredients. What’s important is it contains zero animal products! Our range of vegan chicken soup features ingredients such as vegetables, noodles, and chicken substitutes made from tofu, seitan, seitan, wheat gluten, or textured vegetable protein.

Vegetables such as celery, carrots, onion, and leeks are popular in our vegan chicken soups. Seasonings and flavorings come from unique blends of herbs, spices, sea salt, pepper, and garlic. Each of our vegan chicken noodle soups has its own special taste and we urge you to try a few! Nutritional yeast is sometimes used to give that rich, meaty flavor.

We select only vegan chicken soups that are made from nourishing, natural ingredients to ensure your body is cared for. The vegan chicken soup brands we bring you to capture the essence of chicken soup without animal cruelty or excess fats. It’s amazing what you can do with plants!

Try our vegan chicken noodle soups and experience the hard work that has gone into capturing the flavors and textures of chicken soup, in vegan form.

Facts about vegan chicken soup

  • Humans have been enjoying chicken soup for thousands of years. Chickens were domesticated in the Neolithic era and it has long been believed that chicken soup has medicinal benefits. Fast forward to today and we now know the detrimental environmental impacts of consuming animal products. Fortunately, in recent years, vegan chicken soup has been invented and is thriving. It has less fat, cholesterol, and calories than regular chicken soup so we think vegan chicken noodle soup is an excellent choice for many reasons!

  • Some of the earliest versions of vegan chicken soup originated in China, where Buddhists sought out an alternative due to their religious beliefs. This was back in the 6th Century and fortunately, the possibilities for making vegan chicken soup have grown. Now you can find countless versions of vegan chicken soup all over the world.

  • Chicken can carry all kinds of nasty bacteria. For example, salmonella causes around 1.35 million infections each year in the US. Vegan chicken soup helps you avoid this!

  • In the US alone, the farming of chickens for food generates as much CO2 as 12.37 cars! Another great reason for choosing plant-based chicken soup instead!

Is chicken soup vegan-friendly?

Regular chicken soup is of course not vegan-friendly as it contains animal products! Our vegan chicken soup range is all 100% vegan. This means it’s made purely of plant-based protein.

The reason we think it’s important to bring you vegan chicken noodle soup is that it’s incredibly tasty. Maybe you recently switched to a vegan diet, as so many are doing. We don’t want you to miss out on your favorite foods because you’ve made this awesome decision!

It’s not really chicken soup as it contains no chicken. But we think calling it “vegan chicken soup” lets you know what to expect. It has a savory, rich taste like chicken, and a meaty texture you can get your teeth into.

Plant-based chicken soup is - we think - a product for a happier, healthier future. And guess what, it’s not just for vegans! We are confident that even meat-eaters will enjoy this vegan chicken noodle soup. So much so that we reckon it will actually help convert more people to a plant-based lifestyle.

Our plant-based chicken soup is here to add variety to your vegan diet and comfort you when you need it. We’re super stoked that delicious vegan chicken soup now exists, and we don’t even have to make it from scratch!

Top vegan chicken soup brands to try

  • Dr. McDougall’s - Chicken Flavor Ramen

    This is an awesome vegan chicken noodle soup that makes for a satisfying meal. It’s chunky and hearty, full of veggies, noodles, and plant-based chicken goodness. It’s flavored with plenty of garlic, onion, and spices.

  • Amy’s No Chicken Low Fat Noodle Soup

    The wonderful Amy’s brings us a low-fat vegan chicken noodle soup so we don’t need to worry about our calorie intake. Featuring onions, carrots, celery, and leeks, it tastes just like the homemade stuff. The ‘chicken’ here is in fact tofu and delivers a dose of plant-based protein.

  • Imagine - No Chicken Broth Low Sodium

    This is a rich and clean vegan chicken broth. Drink it alone or add some of your favorite veggies and plant-based chicken pieces to make it a meal. Use it to make rice or gravy. It’s flavored with a delicious blend of celery, onions, carrots, garlic, and spices and it’s low in sodium so perfect for those watching their salt intake.

  • Imagine - No Chicken Broth

    Another awesome vegan chicken broth from Imagine, this one is the original. It’s made with fresh organic vegetables to bring you a comforting homemade taste. Use it to make almost any kind of vegan soup.

How to enjoy vegan chicken soup

Well, technically you don’t need to do anything other than open and heat to enjoy our fantastic range of vegan chicken soups, but here are a few ideas if you’re feeling extra hungry!

  • Have a bowl of vegan chicken soup with some awesome bread slathered in vegan butter. We love dunking the bread in and letting it get nice and soggy. Cover some bread with Miyoko’s Organic Cultured Vegan Butter. Toast the bread or leave it as is. Pure and simple perfection!

  • Sometimes you want something more substantial on the side. That’s when a wrap or sandwich comes in handy. Try a bowl of vegan chicken soup with our Crunchy Salad Wraps. They’re quick and easy so won’t slow you down!

  • Let's take it up another notch with an even more filling wrap to have on the side of your vegan chicken soup! We all know the kind of extreme hunger that hits after a long day at work. Try out our Vegan Shawarma Tofu Pita Wraps for the ultimate, filling soup & sandwich combo. A bit harder to dunk in the soup though…

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any protein in vegan chicken soup?

Our vegan chicken soups contain plenty of protein. The protein in our vegan chicken soup comes from plant-based sources. Soy products used as chicken substitutes are an excellent source of protein. Seitan is also high in protein and low in fat and carbs, as is wheat gluten.

In fact, most ingredients used as meat substitutes are excellent sources of protein. The vegetables in our vegan chicken noodle soup also contribute some protein, as well as lots of vitamins, fiber, and potassium. You won’t miss out on protein by enjoying vegan chicken noodle soup!

Does vegan chicken soup increase cholesterol?

Vegan diets are generally associated with lower cholesterol levels than meat-heavy diets. Eating any soup is not guaranteed to lower your cholesterol levels, but there is no evidence to suggest vegan chicken soup will increase cholesterol levels. In fact, many studies have shown that a healthy, balanced, vegan diet can actually help maintain healthy cholesterol levels.

Vegan chicken soup is low in saturated fat and tends to contain little to no cholesterol. If you’re ever in doubt about what you can eat, speak to a medical professional and check the information on the product page or packaging.

How vegan chicken soup may help with dieting

Vegan chicken soup tends to be lower in fat and calories than regular chicken soup. This means it can be a great addition to a calorie-restricted diet. Everybody and every diet are different, so it is important to set your goals and eat a healthy, balanced diet.

Crash dieting is never advised, and whether you can comfortably enjoy vegan chicken noodle soup depends on the kind of diet you are following. For example, vegan chicken noodle soup is usually not suitable for those following a keto diet due to the carb content of the noodles. Check the product packaging for nutritional information.

Does vegan chicken soup contain preservatives?

We select only the most wholesome vegan chicken noodle soups that avoid nasty artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. We do this because we think your body deserves better. Our plant-based chicken soups keep things simple and use high-quality, fresh ingredients.

Many top-selling supermarket brands of chicken soup are packed full of excess sodium, fat, and preservatives. We are here to help you avoid this and enjoy a more nutritious vegan chicken noodle soup. Check the ingredients list on a vegan chicken soup product’s page or package and see for yourself.

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