V-Dog – PlantX US
V-Dog - Blueberry Wiggle Biscuits, 7oz
Make playtime activities even more enjoyable for your doggo with V-Dog Wiggle Biscuits in Blueberry. 100% vegan and nutritionally dense, these yummy dog treats come in crunchy, heart-shaped bits made from blueberries, ginger, and coconut oil that’ll surely leave their...
V-Dog - Mini Breathbones, 8.5oz
Say goodbye to your paw-tner’s stinky breath with V-Dog Breathbones Mini Dog Chews. Made from sweet potato, chia seeds, broccoli, parsley, and cinnamon, this 3-inch long vegan treat is filled with more nutrition than a green smoothie. Not only it...
V-Dog - Kind Kibble Mini Bites, 4.5 lb
Who says vegan snacks are only for hoomans? Let your paw best friend enjoy a healthy, delicious treat by giving them V-Dog Kind Kibble Mini Bites. 100% vegan, this plant-based dog food packs 24% protein with superfoods like peas, lentils,...
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