Silk – PlantX US
Silk - Almond Milk (Original & Unsweetened)
Look no further for smooth, silky milk that’s vegan, non-GMO, and better for the planet! Once you make the switch to Silk Milk, there’s no going back. Key Information Dairy-free Silk Almond Milk Excellent source of Calcium and Vitamin E...
Silk - Vanilla Creamers (Almond & Oat Milk)
Why not try Silk’s Almond and Oat Vanilla Creamers, deliciously sweet and creamy treats, perfect for jazzing up your morning tea or coffee? You deserve it! Key Information Gluten-Free Contains tree nuts Sweetened with cane sugar rather than table sugar...
1 review Silk - Heavy Whipping Cream, 16 Oz
Silk - Heavy Whipping Cream, 16 Oz
Perfect your pies and anything else you love with Silk's Dairy-Free Heavy Whipping Cream. Minus the dairy, use it to your heart’s content cup by cup like dairy and provide luscious goodness to your dollop fruit, creaminess to sauces and...
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