Remys Favorite Fuel For Fitness – PlantX US
Theo - Organic Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
Theo Chocolate Sea Salt 70% Dark Chocolate Bars are a rich and decadent blend of organic fair trade dark chocolate and just a pinch of sea salt. The perfect combination of salt and sweet, indulge in Theo's plant-based chocolate. Ingredients:...
Navitas - Power Snacks Cacao Goji, 8 oz
Snack healthier with Navitas’s Power Snacks Cacao Goji. It’s the perfect grab-on-the-go snack that will provide vitamins and minerals on your busy days. What’s more, it has no nuts, gluten dairy, or artificial ingredients, so it’s safe for anyone to...
Navitas - Power Snacks Chocolate Cacao, 8 oz
Satisfy your sweet tooth without the unnecessary fats and sugar with Navitas’s Power Snacks Chocolate Cacao. This decadent, double chocolate, bite-sized snack is the perfect pick-me-up on lazy afternoons. It’s also gluten- and dairy-free. Ingredients: Date Paste, Navitas Organic Superfood...
Lenny & Larry´s Protein Cookie - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip, 4 oz
This delicious cookie combines the delicious flavors of peanut butter and chocolate in one cookie, combined with rich chocolate chips! This perfect combination offers a high protein vegan chocolate cookie without animal products, without dairy products, without preservatives and with...
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