Poshi – PlantX US
Poshi - Mediterranean Three Bean Salad, 6oz
Beans, beans, the nutritional fruit. The more you eat, the more that’s good! So eat your Poshi Mediterranean Three Bean Salad with every meal. Key Information Mediterranean-style bean salad Contains red kidney beans, green beans cuts, and chickpeas Steamed and...
Poshi - Artichokes w/ Basil & Thyme, 6oz
There’s art in every pack of Poshi Artichokes with Basil and Thyme. Ready to eat, flavorful, and healthy, these artichokes are truly a culinary masterpiece. Key Information Artichokes come in quartered, bite-size pieces Steamed and freshly marinated with basil and...
Poshi - Red Peppers, 8oz
Flame-roasted veggies are a great way to level up your dish, but they take time to prep! Quick, easy, and tasty, a pack of Poshi Red Peppers is the answer. Key Information Flame-roasted red peppers Straightforward and convenient All-natural and...
Poshi - Cauliflower w/ Lime & Paprika, 6oz
Healthy, low-calorie, convenient, delicious. What more can we say to convince you that Poshi’s Cauliflower with Lime and Paprika is your new pantry essential? Key Information Cauliflower florets with lime and paprika flavor Steamed and freshly-marinated Conveniently comes in small...
Poshi - Asparagus Cuts w/ Rosemary & Oregano, 6oz
Eat steamed, and be rose-merry! Poshi steamed asparagus cuts are healthy and seasoned with rosemary and oregano. Skip the canned veg and go for the pack. Key Information Steamed asparagus cuts tossed with extra virgin olive oil Freshly marinated with...
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