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Pascha - White Chocolate Vanilla Bar, 2.82oz
Pascha Vegan White Chocolate Bars are the best way to enjoy delicious white chocolate without any dairy. Made using light and fruity Peruvian cacao beans bought directly from farmers at a fair price, this bar is made using rice milk...
$4.89 $4.29
Pascha - Dark Chocolate Baking Chips No Sugar, 8.8oz
It’s simple and delicious with Pascha Dark Chocolate Baking Chips No Sugar. Made with 70 percent rich and deep cacao with no sugar for that lower calorie goodness in everything you crave for. Make wonders in all your baking recipes...
$8.89 $8.69
Pascha - 55% Cacao Baking Chips, 8.8oz
Barely dark and organic semi-sweet, that’s the satisfying experience you’ll get with Pascha 55% Cacao Baking Chips. These organic cacao baking chips got that very mild taste, perfect for those who don’t fancy dark chocolate. Make it your new family...
$6.99 $6.39
Pascha - 85% Cacao Baking Chips, 8.8oz
Switch to good mood every time with Pascha 85 percent Cacao Baking Chips. Say yes to these organic chocolate chips with an intense deep chocolate taste in all your favorite baked recipes. Perfectly unique, Keto-friendly, and extra bitter-sweet that is...
$7.49 $7.19
Pascha - 100% Cacao Baking Chips, 8.8oz
For that perfect mind, body, and chocolate fix, get Pascha 100% Cacao Baking Chips. Made with very light organic cocoa beans, it’s free of sugar, peanuts, nuts, gluten, egg, soy, dairy, wheat, emulsifiers, and added sugars. Indulge yourself with its...
$8.99 $7.19
Pascha - 100% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar, 2.82oz
Pasha 100% Organic Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar is the ultimate tribute to the cacao bean. Completely sugar-free, this bar is made with only ingredients from the cacao bean and offers the purest cacao experience you can find. This bar is...
$5.09 $4.69
Pascha - White (Chocolate Alternative) Baking Chips, 7.1oz
Sweet! Pascha’s White Baking Chips contain no dairy, soy, nuts or gluten. Just good quality vegan white chocolate with a rice base and a hint of vanilla. Key Information White chocolate with rice powder Melts easily Dairy-free alternative No gluten,...
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