Oceans Broth – PlantX US
Oceans Broth - Vegan Fish Sauce, 10.72oz
Add that delicious umami punch to any of your favorite dish without the guilt with Ocean's Halo Vegan Fish Sauce. This Southeast Asian kitchen staple is kelp-based, soy-free, MSG-free, certified plant-based, USDA organic, and made with gluten-free ingredients. Adds a...
Oceans Broth - Organic Ramen Broth, 32oz
Premium at-home ramen experience is simple and easy with Ocean’s Halo Ramen Broth. Inspired by Tokyo-style tonkatsu, this kelp-based broth is loaded with authentic savory flavors, vitamins, minerals, and protein. Garnish with seaweed, bamboo shoots, scallions, vegetables, and roasted pork...
Oceans Broth - Pho Broth, 32oz
Enjoy a Vietnamese-inspired and nourishing savory broth only with Ocean’s Halo Pho Broth. Built on umami flavors, this pho broth is light, all-organic, plant-based, and gluten-free. An excellent source of vitamin D and iodine, it contains sustainably farmed kelp and...
Oceans Broth - Organic Thai Coconut Broth, 32oz
Forget takeout and make Tom Kha Gai or Thai curry at home with Ocean's Halo Thai Coconut Broth. Easily add mushroom, chicken, bell pepper, lime, and cilantro for that authentic Thai flavor that’s made from organic ingredients. With sustainably farmed...
Oceans Broth - Stir-Fry Soy-Free Sauce, 12oz
Taste the flavors of Shanghai in each bottle of Ocean’s Halo Stir-Fry Soy-Free Sauce. Loaded with umami, it’s a savory, organic, and kelp-based sauce. Made of gluten-free and plant-based ingredients, and no MSG with 30 calories per serving. Great over...
Oceans Broth - Organic Rice Noodles, 5.6oz
A delicious, savory soup is quick and easy with Ocean’s Halo Rice Noodles. Gluten-free, plant-based, and made of organic white rice, organic tapioca, and water. Try it with Ocean’s Halo Pho Broth, firm tofu, garnish with sliced jalapeños, bean sprouts,...
Oceans Broth - Spicy Korean BBQ Soy-Free Sauce, 12oz
Switch to your new go-to sauce for everything with Ocean’s Halo Spicy Korean BBQ Soy-Free Sauce. With amazing flavor and the right amount of spice and heat from sesame tahini and red jalapeños. Enjoy this spicy Gangnam-style sauce with barbecue...
Oceans Broth - Teriyaki Soy-Free Sauce, 12oz
Dig into the sweet and tangy flavor of this Kobe-inspired sauce only from Ocean’s Halo Teriyaki Soy-Free Sauce. With hints of pineapple and brown sugar, it’s USDA organic, no MSG, with 35 calories per serving, and made of gluten-free and...
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