Liviva – PlantX US
Liviva - Pasta Shirataki Spaghetti, 14.11oz
Switch to this healthy alternative to your regular pasta and use it the way you usually would with any other pasta. Made konjac root, a superfood that is low calorie, with zero sugar, and zero fat, this organic shirataki spaghetti...
Liviva - Pasta Shirataki Penne, 14.11oz
Enjoy your pasta the superfood way with this organic shirataki penne made from organic konjac root and all-natural ingredients containing just 15 calories, zero sugar, and zero fat per serving. Packed with oat fiber, this artisan-crafted pasta is a great,...
Liviva - Pasta Shirataki Fettucine, 14.11oz
Made from organic konjac root, a superfood packed with all the right nutrients, this organic fettuccine is infused with oat fiber and contains just 15 calories, zero sugar, and zero fat per serving making this the perfect pasta alternative for...
Liviva - Pasta Edamame Fettucine, 7.05oz
A tasty addition for any kind of diet or your favorite meal that’s carefully crafted and hand processed. Full of high-quality protein, fiber, with no additives or preservatives. Switch to this healthy alternative from your regular pasta with great taste...
Liviva - Pasta Black Bean Spaghetti, 7.05oz
Made only with organic, non-GMO black beans and handcrafted for the best taste, this makes a great addition to any kind of diet. Great tasting with al dente texture. Packed with high quality plant-based protein, rich in fiber, with no...
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