Just Date Syrup – PlantX US
Just Date Syrup - Organic Pomegranate Molasses, 8.8oz
Made with pomegranates, a naturally antioxidant-rich fruit, Just Date Syrup’s Organic Pomegranate Molasses is a plant-based sweetener with a unique fruity flavor. Key Information Tart and sweet Low glycemic sweetener No refined sugar 100% food, no additives USDA organic, paleo...
Just Date Syrup - Organic Medjool Date Syrup, 8.8oz
Just Date Syrup's Organic Medjool Date Syrup is a delicious syrup made from the highest quality Californian Medjool dates. A perfectly mouth-watering sugar alternative. Key Information Organic  Potassium-rich Caramel-like sweetness Great for baking Alternative to sugar Climate Pledge Friendly &...
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