Drogheria & Alimentari – PlantX US
Drogheria & Alimentari - Salt Pink Himalayan, 3.17oz
Elevate your dishes with this amazing, non-GMO verified Himalayan Pink Salt from Drogheria & Alimentari. Comes in a handy Salt Mill for ease of use. Key Information Pink Himalayan Salt  Comes in a handy salt mill Non-GMO Project verified  Packed...
Drogheria & Alimentari - Organic Garlic Mill, 1.76oz
Infuse your vegan recipes using Drogheria & Alimentari’s elegant, easy-to-use Organic Garlic Mill for delicious, 100% organic garlic every time. Key Information Vegan-Friendly Product 100% USDA Certified Organic Garlic  Naturally Gluten-Free Non-GMO  Certified Kosher Comes in a Recyclable and Refillable...
Drogheria & Alimentari - Black Peppercorns Mill, 1.6oz
Crush that classic Italian black pepper flavor all over your vegan cooking. For generations, Drogheria & Alimentari has been providing customers with the finest natural ingredients. Key Information Vegan-Friendly Product Naturally Gluten-Free Contains zero nuts  Comes in a recyclable glass...
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