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Are you looking for a delicious snack and dessert in one? Look no further – PlantX offers a wide selection of the best banana and plantain chips that every vegan can enjoy! These thinly sliced bananas and vegan plantains are cooked to perfection, maintaining that intensely sweet taste, crunchy exterior, yet moist and chewy interior. The best part is you can have these goodies as an after-meal treat or a midday snack on the go. Buy banana chips and vegan plantain chips at PlantX now and check out the latest craze of vegan foodies!

What are Banana and Plantain Chips?

Banana and plantain chips are the latest vegan go-to snack that have skyrocketed in the market in recent years. It started as a staple snack in Asian countries like India, the Philippines, and Indonesia before it slowly made its way into the global stage for its delectable taste and high nutritional value.

These yummy snacks are made by thinly slicing the bananas and plantains, evenly coating them with vegan oil, and deep-frying or baking them to perfection. This creates a crunchy, cracklin’ exterior that’s reminiscent of potato chips. But its most unique quality? It retains its intense banana taste that’s rich and sweet. They’re often dusted with sugar to create a caramel-like coating, adding another layer of crispiness and sweetness.

In recent years, organic banana chips and vegan plantain chips have slowly taken over the world by storm. Foodies are now recognizing the delicious goodness of these beauties, making them a must-have snack that’s super satisfying!

Buy banana chips and vegan plantain chips at PlantX now and discover what the hype is all about.

Health Benefits of Banana Plantain Chips

There’s a reason banana and plantain chips have become immensely popular throughout the years. Aside from their super flavorful taste, they’re also equally nutritious. Let’s dive in a little deeper…

Bananas are naturally rich in vitamins C and B6, fiber, potassium, magnesium, and manganese. Without a doubt, they’re nature’s superfood. Snacking on a bag of organic banana chips is a great way of enjoying a tasty snack while getting nutrition. 

Bananas are by some thought to be a superfood ideal for a healthy and balanced diet. Bananas has been linked to promoting good digestion. Also, its high and concentrated potassium content has been linked by healthcare professionals to potential relief of hypertension. 

Organic plantains have similar nutritional value to that of bananas. What differs is that they contain higher amounts of starch and lower amounts of sugar. Its starch content may make you feel full for longer after eating!

What is the Difference Between Banana Chips and Plantain Chips?

Banana chips and plantain chips may seem similar, but they aren’t quite the same. In fact, they have several differences that most people don’t know about. 

  • Taste - Plantains are a lot starchier than bananas, and they are primarily eaten cooked. They’re the perfect chips to snack on if you want something crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. On the other hand, bananas are a lot sweeter than plantains and can be eaten raw.
  • Appearance – The most noticeable difference in their appearance is that plantains look like overgrown bananas. When turned into chips, plantains are slightly wider and thicker. As raw fruits, plantains naturally have tougher, thicker skin than bananas that are often yellow, green, or brown.
  • Nutritional value - Banana chips and plantain chips are both excellent sources of potassium – a mineral that many people need but don’t usually get. Their difference? The carbs from bananas come from sugar, while the carbs from plantains come from starch.

Ultimately, it’s not unusual for people to confuse banana chips with plantain chips. Their differences are subtle, and they both taste exceptional. Check out some of our banana chips and plantain chips at PlantX now and shop for these fabulous twin snacks that are both super tasty!

Creative Ways to Serve Banana Chips and Plantain Chips

Enjoying banana chips and plantain chips does not just end by snacking directly from the package. There’s a variety of ways you can serve these flexible goodies while enjoying their starchy yet crispy texture and sweet taste. Let’s dive right in…

  • Banana chips a la mode – Serve your favorite banana chips and plantain chips with a scoop of vegan ice cream! The creaminess of the ice cream pairs well with the crunch of the chips, creating a symphony of layered textures in your mouth. From vegan vanilla ice cream to banana ice cream, one scoop (or two) will definitely elevate your simple snack into a satisfying dessert!
  • Dip it in vegan caramel – Caramel-dipped banana plantain chips are so good, that they’ll make you go bananas! This is perfect for sweet tooth vegans who are craving the luscious silkiness of caramel combined with the full-bodied flavor of banana chips.
  • Banana chips and popcorn – Elevate your movie night with a bowl of vegan popcorn, banana chips, plantain chips, vegan chocolate bars, and a variety of nuts! It’s the best bowl of treats you can snack on while watching your favorite film at home. It’s good for sharing too!
  • Banana chips with vegan honey – Banana chips drizzled with vegan honey topped with chopped walnuts are a simple yet flavorful treat you can indulge in. It’s best paired with a nice cup of coffee or tea as a pick-me-up snack in the afternoon.

Recommended Banana & Plantain Chips Brands to Try

At PlantX, we carry a range of premium banana & plantain chips brands that suit your healthy, vegan lifestyle. They’re super tasty and equally nutritious – truly the perfect go-to snack! Here are some of the brands we recommend:

Inka Plantain Chips

Craving that delicious healthy snack you can munch on any time of the day? Inka Plantain Chips boasts a tasty twist on South American and African flavors that are super irresistible. And don’t worry, they’re 100% gluten-free, Kosher-certified, and without added sugar or trans fats. The best part? They come in three different flavors: original, picante, and garlic.

Barnana Plantain Chips Acapulco Lime

Savor the salty-and-sour tasty goodness of Barnana Plantain Chips Acapulco Lime! They’re perfect with guacamole and salsa dips for a full-blown Mexican cuisine experience. Even better, they’re non-GMO, paleo-friendly, grain-free, and Kosher-certified.

Sun Tropics Island Saba Original Banana Chips

Take a trip to the Philippines with a bite of Sun Tropics Island Saba Original Banana Chips! They’re made from premium saba bananas straight from local Philippine farms, lightly glazed with cane sugar and coconut oil. It’s the perfect snack if you’re craving that mildly sweet taste and super crunchy texture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are plantain chips good for kids?

Plantain chips are excellent sources of vitamins and minerals that are always good for kids. It's a great substitute for common snacks that are high in sodium and MSG like regular potato chips. It’s so tasty and satisfying that your kids will definitely want more than just a single bag.

Do plantain chips taste like banana chips?

Plantain chips and banana chips taste a tad similar. However, banana chips are sweeter, and plantain chips are starchier. What’s more, plantain chips do not have the strong banana flavor, making them flexible for any sweet coatings like caramel, vegan honey, or vegan chocolate.

Can banana chips be part of a healthy diet? 

Plantain chips are rich in resistant starch that may help you feel full longer. They’re the ideal munchies if you’re craving something sweet to snack on, as part of a balanced, healthy diet. If you’re looking for dietary advice to support your well-being goals, it’s best to seek advice from your doctor or nutritionist.

Are bananas high in sodium?

Bananas are naturally high in potassium and low in sodium just like most fruits and vegetables. If you’re on a low-sodium diet, snacking on a bag of banana chips may be ideal. Always check on the label for the complete nutritional content of your favorite plantain chips and banana chips before consuming them.

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