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Sun Tropics - Island Saba Original Banana Chips, 6oz
Sun Tropics Original Island Saba Banana Chips are shareable, lightly glazed banana chips with an irresistible crunch. Firm green Saba bananas from the Phillippines are hand harvested quickly sliced, kettle-cooked, and packaged for perfect flavor and crispness. Ingredients Saba Bananas,...
Barnana - Plantain Chips Acapulco Lime, 5oz
Everything you love about chips, now in a crunchier, tastier, and healthier snack form. Barnana Plantain Chips are made with just a few simple ingredients to make sure you get all the goodness of healthy and nutritious plant based ingredients...
$6.49 $5.19
Inka - Plantain Chips, 4oz
Crack open a bag of these tasty Plantain Chips from Inka. A fun twist of the South American and African delicacy, they come in three delicious varieties.  Key Information Vegan-friendly plantain chips - perfect for snacking!  Naturally gluten-free Contains zero...
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