Alkaline Water – PlantX US
Qure Alkaline Water - Original Alkaline Water, 16.9 oz
Inspired by Mother Nature’s water cycle, Qure Original Alkaline Water has a strong and stable alkaline 10 pH. A great non-acidic choice to harmonize a balanced and active lifestyle. Enjoy its smooth, silky taste leaving you rejuvenated, energized and refreshed....
Qure Alkaline Water - Watermelon Kiwi, 16.9 oz
Taste and feel the difference of Qure Alkaline Water Watermelon Kiwi. With strong and stable alkaline pH 10, it’s inspired by Mother Nature’s water cycle and made with high quality blend of naturally occurring ionic alkaline minerals and electrolytes. A...
Qure Alkaline Water - Lemon Ginger, 16.9 oz
Refresh and hydrate yourself effectively with Qure Alkaline Water Lemon Ginger. With silky, smooth taste, minerals, electrolytes, and strong alkaline 10 pH. With no sweeteners, sugar, calories, fluoride, and artificial chemicals. Ingredients: Purified Water With Traces Od Natural Occurring Electrolyte...
Qure Alkaline Water - Cucumber Mint, 16.9 oz
Enjoy the silky, smooth taste of Qure Alkaline Water Cucumber Mint with zero sweeteners, sugar and calories. Made with good for you natural minerals and strong alkaline 10 pH, it’s also electrolyte infused and with no synthetic salt and artificial...
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