Yai's Thai - Almond Thai Sauce, 12oz

Yais Thai-Sauce Almond Thai
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Yai's Thai - Almond Thai Sauce, 12oz

Brand - Yai's Thai
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Quick Description

Thai Almond Sauce from Yai's Thai is a rich, creamy, and versatile take on the iconic Thai peanut sauce. Fresh almonds, Yai's red curry paste, and rich coconut milk are blended with just a bit of tamarind juice to add the right amount of sweetness. Enjoy with stir fry, noodles, as a dip, or as a salad dressing!


Coconut Milk (Coconut Extract 60% Water), Almonds, Tamarind Juice, Red Bell Pepper, 100% Lime Juice, Shallots, White Vinegar, Ginger, Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Lemongrass, Thai Chilis (Rehydrated), Galangal Root, Paprika, Sea Salt, Kaffir Lime Leaves, Coriander.

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