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Sutter Buttes - Lemon Herb Seasoning, 2.6oz

Sutter Buttes - Lemon Herb Seasoning, 2.6oz

Brand - Sutter Buttes
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Quick Description

Sutter Buttes Lemon Herb Seasoning is a delicious citrusy seasoning with fragrant herbs. It will liven up any of your favorite vegan dishes! 

Key Information

  • Blend of tangy citrus and fragrant herbs
  • Extremely versatile seasoning 
  • 51% owned, controlled, and managed by women and minorities
  • Gluten-Free, Vegan

Product Overview 

Sprinkle a bit of artisanal flavor into your food!

Lemon and herb is a classic, well-loved flavor combination and Sutter Buttes may just have created our favorite version of it yet. 

Sutter Buttes Lemon Herb Seasoning is the perfect balance between light citrusy lemon and fragrant herbs like parsley and thyme.

It’s exceptionally versatile and can be used for things like tofu, vegan meat alternatives, vegetables, grains like rice or quinoa, and salads. Whatever you choose to make, this Leon Herb Seasoning will certainly bring it to life!


Sea Salt, Granulated Garlic, Lemon Peel, Granulated Onion, Crushed Parsley, Citric Acid, Coarse Black Pepper, Crushed Thyme, Crushed Savory

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Sutter Buttes?

Sutter Buttes is primarily an olive oil company based in Northern California. It produces exceptionally high-quality olive oil made from olives grown within 30 miles of the Sutter Buttes. It’s owned by Alka Kumar and Arek Kazmierczak who have traveled extensively and use their expertise to bring us some of the world's finest flavors.

Client Reviews

Sutter Buttes - Lemon Herb Seasoning, 2.6oz
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