Sun Potion - Shea Butter, 7.8oz

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Sun Potion - Shea Butter, 7.8oz

Brand - Sun Potion
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Quick Description

Gently nourish your skin on a deeper level with this uniquely wildcrafted and unrefined Shea Butter.

Key Information

  • Fair Trade
  • Unrefined
  • Wildcrafted
  • Chemical Free
  • Natural

Product Overview

If you are looking for a beautiful product that looks after your skin naturally, look no further than this gorgeous Shea Butter by Sun Potion. This unrefined and chemical-free Shea Butter moisturizes and gives your skin a natural glow. The magical thing about the Sun Potion Shea Butter is that it is able to hydrate the skin, whilst allowing it to breathe. This means that your skin doesn’t feel clogged up, and hydration can happen on a deeper level. Shea butter contains minerals, proteins and fatty acids, giving your skin the nourishment that it needs. It has healing qualities that may help with acne, eczema and dry skin.

To use this unrefined Shea Butter you only need to take a small amount and melt it into your hands. Gently massage the shea butter onto the skin, and enjoy being looked after! You can use the shea butter anywhere on your body and face (and even hair!). It is suitable for all skin types.


Unrefined Shea Nut

So pure you could eat it!

Although this shea butter is meant for external use, the little known secret about Sun Potion Shea Butter is that it is even safe to eat. If you are someone that cares about using products on your skin that are so natural you could even eat them - this is a gem! With the ingredients being 100% wildcrafted unrefined shea nut, this wholesome shea butter is completely pure.

What is wildcrafting?

Wildcrafting is gathering plants from their wild habitat, allowing us to get back in touch with the natural rhythms of nature.

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