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Soco - Artisanal Tahini, 13.4oz Multiple Flavors

Soco - Artisanal Tahini, 13.4oz Multiple Flavors

Brand - Soco
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Quick Description

Soco’s Artisanal Tahinis are made with Ethiopian sesame seeds that have been slow-roasted and stone-ground. Coming in pesto and date infusions for variety!

Key Information

  • Made with Stone-Ground Sesame Seeds
  • Slow-Roasted Ethiopian Sesame Seeds
  • Creamy and Irresistible Taste
  • Good Plant-Based Protein
  • Contains Calcium and Iron
  • Available in Three Variants

Product Overview

What is Soco’s Artisanal Tahini? Well, think of it as a super tasty and irresistible sesame seed butter! It’s smooth and creamy, just like any other nut butter.

Tahini is often used as the main ingredient for hummus. It’s the tahini that provides most of the texture and nutrients.

By using slow-roasted sesame seeds, Soco’s tahini is more nutritious than other tahinis. It’s a wonderful source of plant-based protein and provides decent amounts of calcium and iron.

Soco’s Artisanal Tahini can be used for more than just hummus. It can be made into salad dressings or glazes for roasted vegetables. The Tahini infusions of pesto or dates even give you more to work with in terms of recipes.

Artisanal Tahini

The creamy and delicious tahini in its original flavor, this sesame butter gives great depth to many dishes. Its roasted and earthy tones make it a wonderful addition to rustic dishes, too!

Tahini & Pesto

If fresh salads are your go-to, then why not try something new with this Tahini & Pesto blend? It’s still the same, tasty sesame butter but with an added taste of basil pesto.

Tahini & Dates

This infusion blends rich and sweet flavors well. Use it in sweet treats like ice cream, cookies, and other desserts. Or enjoy some drizzled on fresh fruits like apples to give them an extra earthy and complex taste.


Artisanal Tahini
100% stone ground sesame seeds

Tahini & Pesto
100% stone ground sesame seeds, Herby Basil Pesto

Tahini & Dates
100% stone ground sesame seeds, Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is Soco’s Artisanal Tahini good for?

Once opened, consume within 6 months. Tahini likes to be kept in cool and dark places but must be stored in the refrigerator if you live in warmer climates. If you notice some oil buildup at the top of the tahini, just give it a shake to blend it all back together.

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Soco - Artisanal Tahini, 13.4oz
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