Rawmio - Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Spread, 6oz

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Rawmio - Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Spread, 6oz

Brand - Rawmio
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Quick Description

Looking to switch up your nut butter? Rawmio’s Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Spread is the lusciously sweet, creamy, and crunchy combination for you.

Key Information

  • Source of protein and fiber
  • Packed with healthy fats 
  • Delicious, raw, sweet spread
  • Only 150 calories per serving
  • Naturally sweetened 

Product Overview 

Are you looking for a wonderful new spread to satisfy your sweet tooth? Rawmio’s Almond Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Spread is a wonderful change from regular old peanut or almond butter.

Divine cookie dough bites are submerged in a creamy cashew and almond butter blend. You will taste hints of real vanilla bean, sweetened by delicious, mineral-rich coconut sugar.

Why not try spreading this on a warm slice of toast with a hot drink in the morning? Or add some incredible decadence to some pancakes or crepes by dolloping a few spoonfuls on top.


Raw Almonds, Raw Cashews, Coconut Sugar, Maca, Himalayan Salt, Vanilla Bean Powder, Raw Chocolate Chips (Cacao Nibs, Coconut Sugar, Cacao Butter)
Allergens: Tree Nuts (Almonds, Cashews, Coconut) 

Frequently Asked Questions

Are tree nut allergies and nut allergies the same?

Tree nuts include almonds, cashews, hazelnuts, pecans, coconuts, pistachios, and walnuts. The primary nut that is associated with allergies that is not included in this category is peanuts.

So it is possible to be allergic to nuts and not tree nuts. Similarly, you can be allergic to a single tree nut and not others. Though, it is more likely to be allergic to several at a time due to the similarities in their proteins.

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